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I've been having a weird issue on Tribble, where when the game launches everything is fine..until I go to Game Options, where my mouse pointer doubles AND disappears, leaving me with two I can see and one I cannot. The one I can still see is the original, and moves around like it should. The new one is invisible, but is the one thats active, meaning if i click where the original visible one is nothing happens. I have to guesstimate where the second one is and move over that much for the button to highlight so I can press it.

I've fumbled my way to activating the software cursor, but I cant stand that either as the pointer is still doubled, nut I see both of them and the second just laggs behind the first. It's quite maddening.

I've been testing the New Romulus are since it was released, which is about when I started noticing this.

Anyone else with weird mouse pointers?

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