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I went to make a foundry mission that takes place in the new Romulan sector block but alas Cryriptic hasn't added the new content yet. I thought maybe now since it's live on Tribble. I wanted to see if i could finish in time for the launch of season 7 on the Holo deck.

Common Cryptic why should you folks have all the fun. Let us Vice Admirals have some fun too. A great thing for you is we make fantastic content to add to the game and you don't have to pay us a cent! Why not have a contest where the best foundry missions get a free cool new ship or something. Surely Planitia Yards has some cool top secret ship design their working on that they could award some lucky Captain with in a year or to. Make this contest not just the new Romulan sector but the whole galaxy so all players and factions can win a goody at their level.

I think the Foundry is one of the best things to happen to STO as well as all MMPOGs.
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11-03-2012, 12:32 PM
It is in the pipeline for them to update the Foundry. Supposedly, STO's foundry will be brought in line with Neverwinter's Foundry. But there is a lot that needs to happen to STO's foundry to make it work in such a way that it doesn't break everything.

Also, the Foundry is going to be one of the major driving features of Neverwinter, and I can see them holding off on deploying the new system to STO until after NW launches to avoid weakening NW's appeal at launch. It doesn't help us any by them doing that, but as a business they are going to always go with what can potentially make them the most money.

In all honesty, I don't know what you are so upset about. After all, it has been demonstrated by more than one foundry author that even in its limited state, STO's foundry allows the creation of content that is superior to much of what Cryptic has been able to produce since the game launched.

Just sayin'
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11-03-2012, 01:14 PM
You misunderstood. I am not in lest bit upset or didn't you notice the emote at the end. I have been playing STO since open beta. The reason my post count is so low is because of the way the account merger worked. A lot of players had a huge post count before the account merger. When i talked about having a Foundry contest i figured it will take a bit of time to work out the logistics. Especially if other games are involved.

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