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When I hit loading screens, I generally tab away for a moment, to read forums, mail, or stuff like that.

However, when I do that now, I seem to get stuck on a black screen, rather often.

I managed to replicate it by moving a map, either through regular means or through a queue, and then tabbing out when the loading screens showed.

Obviously, one can say "just don't tab out", but I don't think this is supposed to happen.

Do other people get this? Or is it on my end (should not be, don't have this problem on Holonet)? I suspect it's linked to the new loading screens (which I like)...

Edit: it also seems to happening when just standing around, so not loading screen related.
Additional info: I can see and move the mouse cursor. I do not get the error thingy.

Running W7, on a 3rd gen i7, 3612QM. 8gb RAM, AMD Radeon HD 7730M.

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