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# 1 The Little Stuff
11-03-2012, 12:40 PM
My compliments on the little stuff as well.

1. I saw the first version of the way you handled "I cant tell a common from a Very Rare BOff once they are placed. The Hallo effect around the faction symbol was a good way to do this, I must say though I like the colored text for the Bridge officer type much more though.

2. I like the changes in the mission summery menu. I like the split screen effect for PvE and PvP and it looks like you changed the density of the pixilation for the menu it is sharper and neater looking.

3. I like the new icon use in the DOff asignment screen as well. When missions are complete I hated having to hover over a question mark Icon to see what the reward type was. I like that the Icon shows the reward up front before i complete the assignment.

4. I noticed that a lot of the rendering looks as though it has been upgraded. I use an HD display when I play STO so everytime you make a change in graphics it shows up and I love to see that you pay attention to the little things as well as the broad strokes.

I am not sure if this was changes to code but I did notice one anoying thing, which may just be Tribble. My auto fire has changed. I used to be able to set all wepons to auto-fire select any weapon hot-key and all would cycle through firing. Now just that weapon fires to get all to enter auto fire I have to use spacekey.

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