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11-03-2012, 03:38 PM
I played a bit this morning, to see what's coming next. I tried 2 of the new PVE events, liked it. Not too long, a certain challenge, was cool. But there is a few things that I'm really not sure about.
1 - In the PVE queue, we don't see how many people are in the queue anymore. I don't want to way 10 minutes for an event when I alone are we stay just a few. On the other end, I don't want to quit after 5 minutes because it don't start, but if I had waited 10 more seconds it will have started.
2 - I not sure about the reputation projects. The good point is that it's no longer completely random. It will not be that bad for peoples who will reach the higher levels after the update. But for those that already have several characters at level 50, but don't yet have all MK 12 borg stuff, it will be a pain to have to start the projects from scratch when we only need to do a few more elite STF. But I will see, maybe it's not as worse as I see it. At least it remove a lot of random. I was doing a lot of STF lately with my engineer that got to level 50 and was not getting much. Try 2 elites today, got the shield and a rare borg salvage in the first and another rare borg salvage in the next. So, it may be for the better.
3 - Maybe that is just a false impression, but in the PVE with the borg queen, I had the impression that the auto targeting was just completely random. I had someone just in front of me, but it was targeting something further away or even out of my field of view.
4 - Just another point, I find it a bit sad that the borg exchange shop was removed from DS9. I found it cool to see DS9 as a place where the Federation and Klingon can get together to fight a bigger enemy. It was part of the story.
5 - Removing the Borg console from the mission is may be not a good idea. In fact, after their first character, many do a lot of something else to avoid doing the episodic missions again. They skip all they can and manage to join with other peoples to do this one. In fact, the episodic missions should give some more exclusive stuff that worth doing it. It's could to give level 50 characters more stuff to do, but don't neglect lower levels, since it is there that you get new players.

Just to make it clear, I just expressing concern in a constructive way. I like Star Trek and I like the game and I just want it to get better.

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