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Originally Posted by momaw View Post
Using the most powerful pets available to me (B'rolth bird of prey refits), dual photon tubes with 3 projectile officers, and a build focused on getting the enemy's shields down so that torpedoes can pummel them to death, my mission average DPS is around 5000 DPS.

A well built escort can reach 9000 mission DPS.

Soooooo... I guess I have no idea where you're coming from. Pets too powerful? When my carrier AND pets AND specialized character build AND boff abilities can only have half the impact on the enemy that an escort can, I'm not really seeing how it would be a huge balance problem to have my pets not instantly die when something explodes near them while retaining the same vulnerabilities which already exist when it comes to active counters.
Hate to say... Your build does not sound that impressive sadly. I know you can get more out of a good Vo'quv with the right abilities and even better if you are a Tactical or Science. However, I do agree with your fundamental point that pets are anything but over powered. If people are getting utterly destroyed by pets then they need to take a good hard look at their own setup and grow some armor and some pest control.

Originally Posted by adamkafei View Post
and for those of us flying the MVAE? we have a 5 minute cooldown on ours, 10 minutes if we want the same configuration. so no, not problem solved
The Aquarius and the HoH'SuS are acceptable as being somewhat easy to kill though I think both should be more deadly in their attack but the Vectors problem is absolutely unacceptable.

The MVAE is one of the most advanced ships Starfleet has EVER made, each section is supposed to be able to function autonomously and devastate the enemy. What is the reality? The reality is that the Vectors add a tiny bit more DPS that is really not much better than Photonic fleet and the only real advantage is what vector YOU fly. That is really sad for a ship who's whole POINT is having the other two Vectors essentially giving you the fire power of 3 ships in one.

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