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I was worried for my friends in the States living on the East Coast but I felt a bit better knowing that there are some crack disaster response efforts going on right now - and I am also most impressed by organizations such as Team Rubicon which are manned by war veterans.

I decided to make some fanart for the Angry Birds community in order to boost awareness of the disaster response efforts and the widespread damage caused by the hurricane. Many of my AB fansite are from Europe and Asia but we have lost contact with a significant number of our community due to the power outages and damage to infrastructure on the US East Coast.

In case you're interested to take a look, this is the fanart I made.

It depicts cartoon pigs deploying as first responders in a very old picture of a flooded house - they may just be toons but just a week ago these same pigs taught many of our young fans the skills of rapid prototyping, automotive design, aerodynamics and even built functional war machines and ballistic missiles.

Here's proving (a small bit, hopefully) that we in the gaming community can use our knowledge for the greater good as well.
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11-02-2012, 09:30 PM
Thanks from the east coast C.For the residents of CT, please remember to fly the flag at half staff for the Easton firefighter who died serving the community he loved so much.My thoughts and prayers for his surviving family members.
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