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# 1 Mine Trap
11-03-2012, 08:40 PM
I've run this twice (very hard to get groups on tribble)

The first time seemed fine.

The second time the mission bugged and wouldn't complete. 2 things could have caused it
The game hung up at the end of phase 3, where you protect building from damage.

1. The industrial sector failed completely. I would think this be accounted for but who knows.

2. At the end of the time, Residential building 2 was very low in health. The health bar of all the other buildings disappeared but this one didn't, there was also a romulan standing outside the building.
Could the romulan bug it? Was it a beta that pulled a romulan out and it didn't get back in before the time? It wasn't my sector so I'm not sure what was happening.

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