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I've experienced all sorts of lag on the Tribble server this weekend - with it being completely unplayable at times (mainly on New Romulus).

The in-game patching is also killing things substantially... when you join on of the new PvE Reputation queues and have to patch the first time, I have found that (probably due to the numbers doing so), the patch was running up until the last few minutes of the mission... so I didn't get in until the last minute. Will obviously be fine from here on in - but these missions need patching BEFORE you go into them!!!

The biggest issue I had here was when I first beamed down to New Romulus and was trying to watch that intro video... I literally saw about 10secs of it with the rest of it lost in patching/buffering/lag. This *needs* to be patched fully outside of the game before you get in!!!

Now - I am in Australia - so that does have to be put into consideration a bit... but I do have a 12mbps connection which should be more than ample for this title!!!

I also experienced lag at ESD and generally in-game.

Went from Tribble to Holodeck and all issues are gone.

New code in the GUI

I've noticed that I can't scroll over to my 2nd monitor anymore and control the TV tuner running there anymore!!! This isn't a huge one but I've noticed that on Tribble the new code base locks the mouse into the single monitor the game is playing on... in previous versions the mouse was "free" to move outside the game and you could click into the 2nd monitor and do stuff there.

This obviously is not a deal breaker in any way, shape or form... its just a shame that the ONLY title I had that let me do 2 things at once easily is losing that!!!

Just a note with this... I use VLC player and Windows Media Centre a lot while playing STO... this is normally perfectly fine - but with the new code I've noticed that not only does STO lag a bit while these are running, but the videos also lag! Seems like the new code is a bit memory hungry? (And I've got a dual core 2.9Ghz PC with 4 Gig RAM... not huge but not small either...)


As mentioned elsewhere... PvE queues on tribble no longer tell how many are you sit there wondering whats going on the whole time wondering if and when the "pop" is coming... Please put this back as it helps you decide which PvE queue to jump into if you have limited time and want to play one of these!!!

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