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# 1 So far view of things...
11-04-2012, 06:05 AM
Just got done with the Hive Onslought Moderate. Didn't receive rewards. The mission is extremly hard. There also needs to be more diverse easy leveled Omega PvE missions. This way it gets people used to what they are getting into. Plus for people like me I am terriable at anything above what regular game play is. The last to phases of this mission the ships seem very overpowered. If you are with in 18km it was a one hit kill. At this point was making a lot of people made in the mission. The queen turn her down a little. Cause I beleive I did find a secret to kill her easy. So good job I that one. Never would have thought of it either. Basicly the Omega need to be turned down a little bit. As for the Romulan mission the easy were just that easy Im in Im out. Need to have some more Moderate and elite one of those. I did enjoy them greatly.
Other than that I everything was great. Love the new layout. I just can't wait now for Season 7. Just the PvE mission need a little work not much. Other than that guys I love it. Very true to the Star Trek relm. Keep up the good work. I will respond if I find anything that just tickled me wrong. This is just my little feedback report for you guys.

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