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11-04-2012, 10:09 AM
I hate writing these things. People ask me to stand up and write complaints and then Cryptic ignores us so I dont think they do any good. Obviously people were concerned about conversion ratios again because Cryptic stole millions of dilithium in the conversion from marks / emblems to dilithium. Hundreds of people quit playing the game and Cryptics response was who cares. And they are doing it again. But this time they hide it in boxes you cant get until tier 5 so we wont know we are being ripped off until we open our boxes.

This makes people very angry. Cryptic seems to be overly worried that people will be able to spend the items they earned from stfs and other missions so they just steal it from us and make us earn it again.

Another rip off bug seems to be that our stf progress is set back to 1. I have a character with over 200 stf wins that was working towards the medal of honor accolade and on tribble it shows his stf wins as being 1/75. Some people laugh and say cool it will give me something to do again. Others seem concerned. Some have asked me to post about it.

I dont think these posts do a dang bit of good and it makes me seem like a whiner. People ask me to post about concerns and issues and then you seem them ignore the posts and not support it and I end up carrying the ball on whine issues.

Personally removing in progress accolades seems like a bad idea to me. There are concerns about the stf ones and the exploration ones from sectors being removed. All accolades and titles that people have worked towards earning and progressed towards earning should stay in the game instead of being pulled or "reset".

All items that people have earned should have equal value AFTER the conversion.

I recommend that if Cryptic steals from you on conversion ratios that you never reward them by buying zen points to convert. I had millions of dilithium stolen from me and I have refused to buy zen to convert to dilithium. I just wont do it - EVER. I will buy zen for other things but not to replace dilithium Cryptic stole from me. If they do it again on set pieces I will boycott buying "items" in the cstore in the future that relate to what Cryptic stole.

It seems like Cryptic likes stealing from players to give them something "to do". Would appreciate it if they would fix the trophy missions, and add new content rather than tell us to re-earn what we have already accomplished.

Cryptic fell to 75,000 players after the last changes and they got them back by going free to play. I wonder if they truly desire to make the same mistakes over and over and over and take away what players earned and push us back down to below 75K players again as they see us and victims to be exploited before they can churn new cutomers. How many birds can Crptic pull out of their bag if they keep treating us like marks and rubes rather than partners in a game we love.

Please dont take away what people earned....... Ive begged this of you for years and you do it over and over and over and I just watch people walk away.

Someday, you might want to have some customers that stick around and actually feel like they want to spend money with you. This is Trek and trek fans put up with more problems than other fans because its trek. You cannot treat this game like other "terrible" PWE games where you churn players, drop the game, and hope they will start playing another PWE game.

Quit betting the company on NWN. Fix Trek please. Value and cherish the partners you have in this game.


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