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I've been running my KDF toon a lot more often lately, as there is little to do on my Fed-toon mains and I'm not really enjoying the Romulan faction too much (they are nice, great story, but I don't care for the playstyle of the ships; personal preference, not a complaint, so leave your opinions at the door), and as my KDF flies the Fer'Ihr Kar'Fi Battle Carrier, I've noticed a few things that really need attention with it.

The first and biggest thing is the AI for the Fer'Jai Frigate, Advanced Fer'Jai Frigate, and Elite Fer'Jai Frigate pets. Thanks to excellent stats, these are *arguably* the best frigates available (excluding box-ship only) to date in STO, and on paper are quite possibly the best pets in the game. Unfortunatly, their AI is a bit dated in comparison to other pets. For example, if you use the Vo'Quv, you will notice that the B'Rel/B'rolth/Qal'Dun pets take every chance they get to bring their forward facing weaponry to bear, opting for their torpedos and their dual cannons over their turrents. The Fer'Jais, on the other hand, tend to zip around in random directions with no legitimate aim, and rarely bring their forward guns to bear, instead spamming their antiproton turrets and mines all day. Due to this inferior AI, the Advanced and Elite Fer'Jais are actually OUTPERFORMED by the blue (rare) B'Rel Bird of Prey pets used by the Vo'Quv! Is there any chance we can get an up-to-date AI setup for the Fer'Jai, which allows them to make more effective use of their otherwise potent weaponry?

Secondly, I know Cryptic is a little iffy on making Fleet versions of certain ships, and I respect that, but is there any chance for a Fleet Kar'Fi? It would certainly be easy enough to do; give the Kar'Fi another Engineering (or Tactical, but preferably Engineering) console, slap on the usual +10% boost to shields and hull, and boom, a Fleet Kar'Fi. It would need an alternate hull texture (like all fleet ships) but I honestly don't see the harm in giving it the usual KDF "fleet" skin (seen on the fleet hoh'sus, fleet negh'var, etc) rather then its own unique "fleet kar'fi" skin. As for the potential issue of the pets and the console...use the normal "you must own the C-store Kar'Fi to purchase/equip S'kul fighters/Fer'jai frigates/phase shift" gig. That would ensure that Cryptic got its fair amount of money for the ship, Kar'Fi users got to upgrade their ship while retaining their advanced/elite pets and console, and others who wanted to skip the c-store kar'fi could get a fleet kar'fi and just equip it with "standard" pets such as the slavers, the to'duj, or reputation fighters. All in all, its a pretty sweet deal, and as a long-time Kar'Fi user, I personally would relish the opportunity and gladly spend the $5 to grab a fleet upgrade for my battle carrier.

Anyway, thats my opinions on getting the Kar'Fi back into the A-game. Overall, its probably my favorite ship to fly KDF side, and I enjoy the way it plays as well as the unique pets it carries. Considering its one of the more popular KDF ships overall (I ran a PuG Fleet Alert that had ALL Kar'Fis, at random, in it last night), I think it'd be a good bit of change in Cryptics pocket and a good amount of happy KDF players if it were to be upgraded.

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07-15-2013, 11:46 PM
Wrong sub-forum. This is the FEDERATION shipyards, not the KLINGON fleetyards.
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07-16-2013, 09:05 AM
*epic-fail* I'll repost and delete XD

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