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# 1 Armitage Carrier help
11-04-2012, 07:03 PM
Need some advice on how to maximize dmg output with this ship. I use all Mk XII omega set pieces and my weapons are 2 heavy dual anti-pro's, 1 dual anti pro beam array, 1 quant torp front and 2 anti-pro turrets and 1 quant aft. I have anti pro mags 3 of them. So is there anything I should strive to change or am I just needing to learn this ship more?
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11-04-2012, 07:08 PM
drop the aft torp. You'd want max fore fire.

Get 3x tech doffs and 1 copy of Aux2batt. You have a choice of EPtW1/Aux2batt1/EPtS3 or EPtS1/Aux2Batt1/RSP2. Run APO3 together with BO2, HYT2, CRF2 on your spambar.

If you want, you can take a Target Sub ability for your 3rd ens slot, now that these things actually do something. Otherwise another HYT on the spambar doesn't hurt.

Work for a temporal warfare set if you want. 2piece is enough for you to replace your Qtorp with a chroniton torp.

Together with your Danubes, you'd slowing the whole world down. If you want you can mount the TDD in the aft slot in place of that Qtorp, and you can slow things down even more.
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If you want a better chance of getting diverse and/or helpful advice, ask your question in the Federation Shipyard subforum, here:

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