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# 1 Join a FAMILY not a FLEET
11-05-2012, 04:55 AM
Are u looking for a family? Are u tired of being in a fleet? If so, keep reading.

We r a family based "fleet". We help our members learn the game, grow themselves into better and stronger players, and justy all around enjoy being in a "fleet". We do a lot of training runs for new to game members, as well as fine tune the more experienced members. Fleet actions & mission help for new members. Stf and mission help for more experienced members. We dont have the "big fleet rulz" of teamspeak/vent or playtime requirements. U play when u want to.
We offer homes on both servers in both factions.
We offer teamspeak if you desire. Teamspeak not required, but strongly suggested. Even if u cant talk on it, its nice to even listen. That is very helpful during group events.
The Fed home is currently working on the last of the Tier 3 upgrades. Fleet ships and weapons available
The KDF home is behind as we r mostly focusing on fed base. It is a Tier 2 home.
With the upcoming season, "fleet" resources will be helpful.
If this sounds like what u r looking for, pls email me on here, our website or chat with us on Omega Fleet Comms. we hope to hear from you!!!!

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