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# 1 Season far so good
11-05-2012, 12:28 PM
I think everything is decent(a bit worried about rep. system though)

I LOVE Azure Nebula Rescue( or what ever it's called)

I think its a lot of fun fighting the tholians in space...done it like 15 times and still not bored of it.

*forgot what this was called sorry*

It was the one where you had to kill zombie like creatures.

It was ok...thought the part when you had to escort the civilians to shuttle site was fun and the part where you had to defend the shuttles was cool.

*thats the only PVE ones i have played so far, may update later*

The Reputation system is actually not too bad so far.

But what im afraid about is the prices going up to do one of the rep. missions(aka mega grind)

Again so far so good!!!

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