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11-08-2012, 06:19 AM
I am not sure what officers it will take but on the exchange right now security officers are 100 k minimum...

So that's half a million EC's alone - for now, I can only guess what the price will be in season 7.
Or 750 fleet credits per officer assuming you are in a fleet.

You have to balance putting resources into either permanent or non-permanent items.

Is it realistic to think people will use fleet credits on a consumable vs a fleet weapon or fleet ship weapons or say the new embassy commodity (surprise they costs fleet credits, surprise 2 they cost the same as a fleet doff) ?

I really like the idea of the ability but as I said before it comes free on any tactical character and I just don't think it's balanced.

It's like they are assuming we have so many marks and so many credits we desperately need something to throw them away on.
IF that one day happens it will be after you unlock everything at which point you have version 2 of the consumable

Would it have been so terrible to up the cooldown or the price of the item ?

And about the weapons, a t1 weapon is 60 marks. Going from tier 1 to tier 3, the top weapons, is 234 marks.
So in effect you are wasting 1/4 of the resources to level for an obsolete weapon. That's half a level right out the window.
And that's not including the price of the actual weapon...
So if I use a 50 k EC weapon from the exchange I save 9 days worth of time, you do the math.

But also don't forget you don't get to see the skin or stats of the weapon before the unlock either, albeit the assault window shows you holding a yellow minigun
Well what weapons is it, assault normally covers pulswaves but supposedly there is none.

Does it mean a lot to me what the gun looks like and how it operates ? Or am I just blindly throwing resources at something I have no idea what is because obviously I have oh so many resources.

Again I don't have unlimited resources, I can't just drop a command line and play around with stuff.

Everything is an investment and I am so damned cheap I don't even buy large hypo's for ground combat because I know the same EC's could go into permanent stuff.

To me it's quite obvious that since the better items are higher tier you waste no resources or time getting there. Every project you fail to do is 2 days out the window.
And once you are there the lower level gear means nothing.

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