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11-08-2012, 09:21 AM
eh. wait until Season 7's rep system comes in before complaining about the current system. early leavers are already hit by the 1 hour no go on all STFs, i dont think they can have partial completion credit unless they give out some rewards at specific points in each STF.
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11-08-2012, 09:39 AM
Sounds like some people are just rage quitting cuz of pikers or zergers! Luckily I have never dealt with pikers on this particular MMO for which I give the vast majority of the community a big A++. However I have run many STF's with plenty of zergers which ruin alot of the mission completions and even the one and only elite optional I have dreadfully after 80+ consecutive runs never been able to achieve. Now that's not to say every group I have run with has some gunghoe idiot in it, there has been quite a lot of pugs that have come within inches of achieving this almost impossible optional that I proudly give them the same A+ or A++ for effort, but than there is those moments where one or more ruin the entire efforts of others and cause people to up and leave. And yes some of those idiots are 400-700+ day vets and even elite STF completionists that frankly don't care if you achieve the optional because they have already achieved it.

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This is one of the reasons I have yet to try even the first STF In the old days having fun together as a team was more important than any possible reward one might get out of it - as you can tell I have played plenty MMO's - but these days it's all about the gear or the result . The fact that's the dominating ruleset ( for example : someone feeling the urge to call another person a "noob" is in itself telling all) and the fact we now don't even know what those rewards will be worth was reason enough for me to not even embark on the STF's but wait and see what happens when S7 hits ...
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Originally Posted by xlocutusofborgx View Post
Well first off Solution*

Question to your thread here, are you playing elite or normal stf runs? I find the main reason most experienced people tend to leave runs that contain "noobs" is because most of the time the runs never go anywhere, and last up to hours on end doing the same thing over and over again. I dont know about you but I dont plan on sittin in a run for 3hrs for someone to "learn" how to do them. Especially if your rushing into elite runs where really "no affence" you shouldnt even be in there to begin with.

Most noobies learn from doing the normal runs, and most that do the groups in the ques are learning. Odd times if experts cant get a game going theyll resort to going in there hoping for a solid team which does happen time to time.

We all have to learn, some people pick up how to do these quickly others take along long time,and you cant blame someone from leaving if your part of the "long time" group. We all have lives, real life obligations and some of us just cant stand around for hours like I mentioned earlier just so you can figure out how they work.

In the end the only solution is to learn how to do them and be aware that if a run is going sour you may have someone leave on yah, hopefully its just 1 person, but you can still accomplish the run with 4 people, heck even 3.
How about no.

There are so many bigger issues to resolve other than stf leaver penalties.

Not to mention that STFs are really, really easy even with half assed gear.

If you can't be bothered to get a group together or use the stf channel or just learn to deal with it. Then just don't do stfs until you're in the mood to do one of those three things.
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11-08-2012, 11:45 AM
I've done loads of STFs and hate it when people leave but yesterday I had to leave my first STF as a griefer had ruined it for everyone else. He did leave but only after he'd made Infected Elite impossible to win as the four of us couldn't kill all the nanite spheres before more spawned to replace them. He wasn't a new player but a clear griefer as seen by his language.

With Infected there isn't an easy way to lose, like with allowing probes through or letting the Kang be destroyed, so leaving was the only choice. Unfortunately I was then locked out of every STF for an hour.

Maybe only the first leaver should be punished so if a hit-and-run griefer leaves everyone else is OK. Or, as someone mentioned in a previous thread, there should be a vote end button.
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11-08-2012, 12:02 PM
Good discussion guys. As a veteran elite space STF player and a fairly new ground STF player I sort of understand both sides of this issue. Just this week I was in a game of CSE where my point defense system alone, according to STOICs, did more damage than the bottom three players combined. I finished that, and most, matches, but sometimes you end up in a match where you try to give advice and nobody listens--instead repeatedly doing things that "ruin" the STF. Yesterday on ISE, in two back-to-back games on different characters, my team blew the first generator practically by the time I got to a generator on the far side of the transformer and fired off a shot or two--meaning it wasn't just "one guy" doing it, it was probably about three. The first game I ended up rage quitting when they did it again on the other side, and the second game when the same thing happened even quicker I managed to save the optional (and therefore a lot of time) using repulsors, tractor beam, and target engines. At some point, though, when you are faced with doing most of the work yourself or leaving and doing something more productive with your limited time before, say, having to drive to work it's not too hard to decide to leave the unresponsive team to their fate. Just ask me about the time I did 80% of all damage in KASE with a ship running substandard gear (took a full hour) or over 90% with my best character and ship (at least that game was much faster)...

On the other hand, it seems like a lot of people are "afraid" of ground STF's. I know I didn't dare try them for a long time, even on normal, mainly because I just didn't know what to do--and I know there are walkthroughs but I learn best by doing, especially when the instructions seem hard to understand in abstraction. Getting the optional on them, for a noob, is an even more daunting prospect...step past an invisible line in Infected Ground for instance and your optional is gone. I think there's a lot more quitters on ground STF's, though I can't blame the ones that quit after 30 minutes have passed and the team has failed to kill the final boss twice. Often enough the whole team will agree to quit if they don't have the experience/dps to beat that last bit.

No solution is perfect, but I think that a requirement that a player complete a certain number of Normal STF's of each type either on their first character or account wide before unlocking Elite for that type might not hurt. A tutorial run that still has rewards would be good too. A player could even try to cover these between lvl 44 and 50 anyway so that no time is lost. I also think a vote to kick and a vote to leave option--while open to possible abuse--might be worth experimenting with.

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I think it is a good idea in theory, but I don't think it will work well in practice. Coding something to work like that would be very difficult because it would open STFs to exploits. Players could opt to skip the boss fight just though leaving. A better option would be to double, tribble, or even quadruple rewards based on remaining players at the end of the match. That would create an incentive for the remaining four players to stick out the match and finish it.

Also, if you or anyone else reading this thread are looking to learn ground STFs and possibly running a few, you are more than welcome to send me a message ingame via the mail system. My handle is @majortiraomega. I would be more than happy to teach you the general strategies and/or help you get the optionals. All I ask is that you bring a remodulator, a pulsewave assault weapon, and a stack of major and minor regenerators (if we do elite).
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the only real solution is to get rid of cool downs..

if you can instantly try again instead of waiting an hour it wouldnt be so bad if you fail and you might even try to stick to the end.. right now as it is, if my team sucks i either just log out and log in a different character or leave him afk and go watch tv or browse the web.

im talking with like the above situation were in ise 3 of the 5 team mates hit the same gen on purpose to blow it before the other 3 are even off 100%..

or in kase when one guy flys around and spawns every cube but doesnt destroy them.
or in cse when one guy flys around and hits the probes where the neghs spawn and moves to the next cube.. leaving the neghs.

i usually just watch the mayhem at that moment knowing you will fail.
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11-08-2012, 10:38 PM
While i hate people leaving a STF, i can understand why.

Any STF can be completed in less than 10 mins, except maybe KAS. All it takes is a little bit of research into the particular STF. and following the sound strategies for them

When your in a CSE, and you still have probes on cubes while some clueless idiot is attacking a cube, and your at 13 mins, something is very very VERY wrong.

It become even more frustrating, when you say something to help the group, and the " oj we have a UBER STF'r" here, and the like.
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11-09-2012, 03:55 AM
Originally Posted by tejanahawk View Post
Hey folks,
Sorry if this has been posted before.

# 1 solution for STF ditchers
The introduction of Season 7, problem solved

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