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11-08-2012, 07:35 AM
Originally Posted by maddog0000doom View Post
not not shjocked at all with they conversion i thought it would be bad what im really shocked at the insane amount of edc tech salvage people have thats crazy not turn it into zpoints.

maybe cus of shocking amount of stuff people hold onto is why they screw us so bad in conversion
That's exactly why they do it.

They want to render all this currency worthless because they want you playing the game, earning and selling dilithium and buying Zen.

Those of us with enormous stockpiles of EDCs/Tech/Salvage have this stuff because:

a) STFs are the most challenging, interesting end-game content in STO.
b) Once you've got all your gear, there's nothing left to spend this stuff on so you keep accruing it.
c) Cryptic haven't added any additional content/sinks to remove it.
d) With all this gear, you have more Dilithium Ore than you can ever possibly refine.

So the reason they're giving us a bad conversion is because they want us to start over.

The reason the projects take 1 day 16 hours is because Cryptic wants to drag this process out over months and have us log in at the minimum once every couple of days.

The reason we now have to pay Dilithium to get this stuff is because Cryptic wants money for it - mine, yours - they don't care whose - but time and commitment is no longer enough to earn the best gear in the game.
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11-08-2012, 07:43 AM
i guess its cus i play on lots of alts so ive always converted everything i got into dilitums and played another chrater rinse and repeat byt the time ive played all my toons the 1st charater could use some more dilthiums

not too mention in im a fleet with a few people so all my stuff goes into that. starbase and zen its only thing i would ever spent dil on.

ive always refused to buy any crap outa the dil store cus ec gets u just as good gear or better

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11-08-2012, 07:52 AM
20 elite STFs = ~6hrs for 40 EDC to get a mk11 item. Normal let's double it and say 12hrs and this isn't including the EDC drops.
Under new system it will take...put it this way more than 6hrs. It's a similar story for mk10.

So kudos for giving a definitive end to getting mk12 but at what cost?

Another point I'd like to make.

If you have a mk12 tech lying around you didn't turn in yet. They is no way you are getting;
Mk XII Space Set (per piece)
Omega Marks: 1000
Borg Neural Processors: 10
Dilithium: 34,000
Expertise: 64,000
Commodity Price: ~40,000 EC

...for that tech not a chance. We are being ripped off even if you up the rewards a bit so don't kid us by saying we're getting equal purcashing power or generous returns.

If Cryptic have the costs for Mk10, 11, 12 gear up then why not give us that and then lock it up until later?
e/g/ 10 EDC = mk10 item
Omega Marks: 500
Dilithium: 15,500
Expertise: 16,000
Commodity Price: ~10,000 EC
(make space/ground the same cost)

The same goes for mk11 and mk12.

Lock it in a crate until T3 and then we still have to grind the system but upon reaching T5 we have the actual purchase price. For example having 1 mk12 tech now would give us the requirements to buy a mk12 item after conversion. That is being equal.

As it stands a mk10, 11 or 12 tech item will not give the the means to buy that respective mk item after conversion and you can bet that it never will.

I don't know why they're hurting us so much because this reputation is timegated! They could give us billions of OM and they won't help you level up any quicker.

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11-08-2012, 07:59 AM
Hurry turn it in for dilithium. If you can't use it in the beginning to help get a head, then why wait. 4000 omega is nothing when you are in teir three going for teir four, it is better to get the dilithium and use it somewhere else. It is only my opinion.
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11-08-2012, 10:56 AM
Originally Posted by koltoroc View Post
Wow, just wow.

They really specialize in "Customer Service" it seems.

Everything that has been communicated about season 7 fell somewhere between misleading and outright lies. I am frankly appalled by the whole thing.

Who in his right mind could think this whole cluster**** was a good idea to begin with?
Who in his right mind could think that "damage control" through deception and outright lies would work?

Really, I have utmost respect for the artists, but as far as the development team goes, I have absolutely NO respect left. And as far as the game goes. I now sincerely hope it dies, so that the license can be taken up by a competent development team. YOU are clearly not.

I will be converting everything into dilithium and then go on hibernation to season 8 earliest, to see if you will clean up this mess or shut the game down. I've had it with your antics and tendency to **** over the playerbase

I refer to this guy to describe the situation best.
I was laughing over the 2nd link before this post was made. Ah the truth can be so funny .
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11-08-2012, 10:58 AM
Originally Posted by weylandjuarez View Post
The reason we now have to pay Dilithium to get this stuff is because Cryptic wants money for it - mine, yours - they don't care whose - but time and commitment is no longer enough to earn the best gear in the game.
I have 2 points to make about this.
1: Dilithium is easily earned by doing dailies. you don't need to pay actual money for it.
2: if Cryptic doesn't get people's money, the game dies. Yeah? shocking concept isn't it? Running an MMO isn't free. If people were to actually stop paying Cryptic completely then the game would be kaput.

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11-08-2012, 11:33 AM
This whole conversion seems a bit ludicrous for my characters. I never collected stacks of EDCs or Salvages, I have always traded them in for Dilithium right away. So, when S7 hits, with 9 or less EDCs and no Salvages/Tech on any character I'll most likely get a box, which contains nothing of real value and remains locked until "later".

I'd rather have a title or some crazy borg party popper (something that sprays dilithium shards would really be awesome ) to remember the good ol' STF times... The crate just uses up inventory space.

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11-08-2012, 12:41 PM
Don't forget you can turn EDC in EC. every 5 EDC gets you an old style borg engine which can be sold for 100k each.
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11-08-2012, 01:37 PM
Just proves they are encouraging turning in now instead of converting. To turn in now means they won't have to give any freebies. Thus the ludacris conversion rates. If the rates are not attractive, people will turn in now, Cryptic gets out of giving us anything for free. This is also another way make sure you don't have what you need right off when you make it to your next tier.
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11-08-2012, 02:07 PM
I don't agree they are hunting dilithium. (in this particular case)

Just look at how easily they took it out of leveling entirely.

More than conversion rates I think the biggest flop is also their no. 1 priority - the time gate that locks you out of progession aslong as they see fit.

And I think more than being greedy that's also the point behind taking your old gear hostage.
They simply want you to take longer unlocking the stuff is all.

Think about it, no matter if you are able to play 200 missions a day, you won't be able to level faster than a guy that spends 30-40 mins in-game.
AND, no matter how much cash you got, you can't buy omega or borg marks.

The good news about that is everytime you played a few missions you have 2 days to play on alts.

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