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Originally Posted by vsilverwings1 View Post

Feel free to add your results here.

Please don't make any changes other than adding your data if I've missed something then post in the feedback page.
This seems like a scam, I would not post what you have to it, all this does it tell everyone how much Dilithium you will have if you trade in everything.
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You saying I'm scamming? How can I scam anyone out of items that are character bound? All this doc serves is to tell people how your stash compares to others and whether you should cash in everything or if someone has say half what you have but same reward you could convert some of it.

I'm sorry I can't pull an conversion formula out of a hat, this is the best I can come up with at short notice. I would have thought this was better than reading dozens of pages of non standardised lists.

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I honestly don't get this conversion... Are accolades included by any chance?

I've just checked one of my characters. I got rid of all the salvage and tech, leaving only 76 EDC. Just this amount got me 1500 OM, 7 BNP and 1000 dilithium on Tribble.

Then I've been jumping back and forth transfering characters, selling only 10 EDC every time.

26 EDC still gave me 1500 OM, 7BNP and 1000 dilithium !

Only when I dropped to 16 EDC I only got 1000 OM and 5 BNP afair.

So yeah... great conversion there. I'm gonna sell everything I've got leaving about 20-25 EDC on each char for lulz.
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11-07-2012, 08:11 AM
Seems like it's diminishing returns.

You have to decide what you want exactly.

Ignoring EDC for a sec

If you have more than about 20 total of any of the other stuff, definitely cash in until you're down to 20 or less. There seems to be very very poor benefit from having 25 more rare salvage and 25 more prototype salvage for example.

I think actually their statement is sort of correct. Basically you can't reasonably need more than a full set of gear. So if you have enough for a full set of gear or two you get 3000/13/4000, if you have more than that, you still get 3000/13/4000 (or a very poor conversion rate to get better than that), but if you can find a sweetspot of 2500/11/3000 that's probably good for some people.

Keeping ~5 non EDC items in your inventory definitely seems worth it. 10-15, maybe. More than 30 not. So unless we hear about them re-evaluating things, I would expect to cash out down to 15-20 items at most. Which as they point out, is not, in the present system, going to get you any meaningfully better gear than 1000 items - so it's just dilithium. And if you're a serious STF'er you'll cap dilithium daily most of the time anyway.
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11-07-2012, 08:18 AM
Likewise I've literally got my characters pre conversion vs post and it's plain to see you can be 1 edc off getting another 500 OM and 8k dil.

BNP seems capped at 15.
OM seems to go up in lots of 500
Ore seems to go up in lots of 4000.

Between my best and worst STF loot toons;

255# 697 EDC (442)
18# 132 rare sal (114)
14# 51 proto sal (37)
0# 1 mk10 tech (1)
9# 21 mk11 tech (12)
0# 3 mk12 tech (3)
0# 0 mk10 req
0# 0 mk11 req
0# 9 mk12 req (9)
0# 0 mk10 tech req
0# 0 mk11 tech req
0# 0 mk12 tech req

2000 OM
28K Dil Ore

I could make 293,683 dil on pre conversion alone. Does one really need to see how screwed I'll be post season 7? This tiered system is even worse than the season 5 conversion!

Compare your results here with others. I've made an automated dil conversion formula so just enter your loot and it will work out your dil ore if you convert now so all you need to do is transfer to triblbe and see what you'll get post season 7.

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