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# 1 Azure Nebulae rescue feedback
11-12-2012, 08:01 PM
I went back to page 6 but couldn?t find the official thread so here's by thoughts and a few idea's.

EDIT: Started writing this after Friday test event.

1. There is currently far too much time spent at full impulse. You basically feel like your constantly being given the run around.

My suggesting for an easy fix. Don't put the BoP's at the bases. Put them out between the bases and have them held in TB's by four Orb weavers that are the surrounded by a shell of Mesh Weavers. We have to go in and blow the whole lot away before the BoP will be able to run for it. Lets us get a free ship enpessant, or take on a ship per player instead.

2. I never saw a scimitar, and honestly i wouldn't expect to run into a lot of them. My suggestion would be to place an extra pair of small bases at the very map center with the entrances facing each other and a scimitar held between. Flak each base with a tarantula to each side, a 3-5 Recluses above and below. And a smatter of several dozen Weavers of both types in front and behind. We have to basically take the lot out to get the Scimitar free. But in turn we should get a MUCH larger reward. This answers a lot of complaints about the lack of feel of a solid conclusion to the fight. If you want you've basically got a huge boss fight open to you if you think you can take it. It also gives everyone a shot at a scimitar without making tem over common.

3. The tholians are pure push overs. Instead of being in formation all around the base their grouped near the entrance which leads to someone grav well'ing them and then everyone burns them with AoE, spreading them out a bit more would help a littlie, though frankly their so lacking in durability it wouldn't be a huge boost.

4. Tholians are a bit too fond of FAW. It's ok on the recluse because the thing hit's reasonably hard and I don't think I need to comment on the Tarantula in the light of that. The Orb weaver is so-so, it does damage but it need multiple ships layering it to really work, but the mesh weavers are a joke with it, they hit so lightly that even a decent swarm is still pretty much scratch damage vs a player. Even on top of a recluse and a few orb's it's laughable. TBH all the Orbs and the Mesh weavers really do 90% of the time is invalidate destructible torps, mines, and some pet types. Which is also a marked issue IMHO.

5. Tholians in general have one hell of a short list of abilities. Besides their unique but laughably weak webs the main abilities they all seem to use are FAW, (see above for my thoughts there), THY, (very good due to Thermonics), and Torp Spread, (Not bad but not brilliant, acceptable across the board though). Mesh Weavers like to sue EPtE, terrible skill as it raises their speed so high that they can't effectively turn and they end up running out of range of everything, it looks cool but isn't very useful in practice. Recluses also seem to like TB which is always nice to see.

This nicely explains why they tend to go pop as well, they've only really got one defensive ability in there, (on mesh weavers), and one non-DPS skill, (TB). IMHO there really needs to be an expansion on he ability list for tholians so that they have more tricks up their sleeve than just spamming you with AoE torps and beams. I'll throw a few more detailed thoughts at you at the end of this.

6. The rewards need serious work IMHO. There?s really 3 separate issues here imho.

A) the amount you get out in total marks is pretty poor, doing a normal STF that last only marginally longer rewards an easy double marks plus dil.

B) the whole romulan rep system has one great big gaping flaw in it, none of the things that earn you rom marks earn you dil, whilst the omega system does earn you dill. I'd rather that new romulous worked like Defera and gave mixed fleet and rom marks whilst the pve queue stuff gave dil and rom marks like the omega pve queue stuff.

C) the actual in mission drops in there where terrible. Mostly batteries. Whilst that?s nice the lack of anything even approaching fleet event levels of stuff, never mind stf levels is an issue.

Now i did mention abilities didn't I. here's how i'd do it on a ship by ship basis.

Mesh Weaver:

This is functionally a frigate. As such i think it really needs to stop trying to be an AoE DPS machine. It doesn?t work well. Also the whole EPtE issue vis a vis not being able to stay in range of anything needs working out.

IMHO FAW needs to go a the minimum, maybe even spread though that?s not so bad as tholian thermonic spreads do actually debuff. I'd start though by swapping the EPtE for either Aux2Dampners or APO. Probably the latter. I'd also give them BO. Having recently re-done some romuloun missions and encountered it on their BoP's it's rather effective when used en mass by such lightweight vessels.

Orb Weaver:

I'd say this is the awkward one of the bunch, it's Torp Spreads and FAW do hit hard enough to hurt, but they're still barely adequate. Personally I?d drop the FAW from them though, leave that to the heavy hitters. Given they act as flank guards i'd be tempted to give them something to discourage escorts ad the like from pressing their attacks so close to the group. Say CPB3 and a maxed Aux power. Assuming they have a decent NPC multiplier as well that should punish anyone that pulls too close, even if the player versions of CPB suck. I'd also give them something else to help their damage output, several options exist, (Aceton Beam, Dem, an Attack Pattern, Tachyon Beam, e.t.c.), Personally DEM would be my poison of choice.


The biggest issues with this ship are how easy it is for people to focus fire it and how easy it is to kill. I'd take a page out of the Mogi book and give this EPtS1, TT1, and TSS1 as a bare minimum. I'd also, (subject to you being able to do the extra work), liek to suggest giving it a photonic shockwave torpedoes barrage ability. This would fire a single Photonic shockwave torpedo at the nearest 5 non-fighter/torp/mine targets, as long a you program the AI to wait a littlie, (say as soon as first enemy hits 5KM or less), before firing it, you should see most attempts at serious focus fire broken up as people are shoved apart and disabled for a second or two, with differing ship handling they'll get re-orientated on target at differing rates. Beyond that?d be tempted to buff it's AoE a bit by giving it APA and having it combined it with FAW whenever APA is off CD. The flight speed buff would be handy for escaping grav wells too.


Only got limited experience with this ship, but so far seems to be a big push over for what is supposed to be a super scary ship. The thaloron weapon especially is pretty poor as it can't get it lined up half as effectively as the scimitars can.

Overall i'd go, "recluse but better". TT3, EPtS3, TSS3, plus for hull heals i'd throw in PH3, HE3, and Aux2SIF3. Maybe veen throw in Attack Pattern Delta for extra resists and debuffs. To help with offense and build on the thermonic torpedoes aspects i'd throw in a copy of all 4 types of Target Subsystem 3, as well as a 360 Tykens Rift and Energy Siphon 3. For extra offence APA3 and DEM3. I'd probably also give it PS3 just to throw players for a loop a bit.

If you can program unique abilities i'd also give it a unique one. Thermonic Barrage. This fires 24 non-destructible projectiles, (i recommend Tric FX). These form 3 rings of 8 projectiles around the ship 5KM out from the ship, the first ring goes straight out, the second moves +3Km along the length of the ship, and the third -3KM along the length, creating a cylinder of projectiles around the ship. Once they?re all in position they detonate, dealing 10-20K kinetic damage in a 3KM radius and leaving behind a 15 second duration 1KM diameter rift that reduces engine and weapon power settings by 75. For obvious reasons the AI should be configured so it won't use PS3 within 30 seconds of this.

Maybe a bit OTT but it would make for one hell of a fight vs this thing IMHO.

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