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In the preview shots in the Dev Blog for the Vesta, it shows the Runabout parked on the back end of the Vesta by the shuttle bay doors. I am not seeing this on My Vesta or with any other carrier pet.

Please advise.

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11-14-2012, 06:44 AM
I have only noticed that animation work like in the picture when I beam up to my Vesta from places like ESD and do not have the ship move at all and launch a pet. As soon as you move a little bit it seems to screw up the animation.

Another visual problem that seems to be working in the pictures is when using any buff on the ship including the Vesta set ones, the animation does not show up on the nacelles so your ship my be glowing green from the Fermions all the way up to the start of the nacelle but they don't get covered.

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