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11-08-2012, 09:00 PM
Originally Posted by kirksplat View Post
Hmm... there is only like 25 spotlights, right? 3x daily would very quickly run out of spotlights.

And if it really took this long to come up with that system of rewards... wow. It took Cryptic 5 months to make the daily only apply to a specific list of Foundry missions.

I hope that we get some details.
Something I would really like to see are "stats" for each mission. Things like average playtime, etc... to help me choose player content that can fit into the maddening grind for diithium. I will not lie, I use the clickers. You may ask why and it is not because I hate the foundry or player made content. It is simply because of the huge need for dilithium in everything versus the strangle hold the devs are placing on how to obtain it. I have been burned before with foundry content and been in very long missions that have reams of text to read. Your average player is not going to want to spend 45 minutes per mission to get 1440 dilithium, especially if they have other toons they are grinding dilithium on.

Maybe this will lead to an improvement Kirk where Foundry missions will now have reward attached to them. Although one would think they would release that alongside this. The concern I have is how will this mess up the Foundry since we cannot really test it?

My point to this is, the devs keep putting the strangle hold on dilithium but are failing to give us the proper tools, i.e. an average run-timer. I think this is the last "hole" the devs perceive they need to plug for this "dilithium deluge" they think they have. It started with DOFF conversion, went to STFs, and now on to the Foundry. Honestly, I would not put it past them to severely nerf in the amount of dilithium you can get from doing doff missions. The 1K dilithium 5-pack mission is a complete joke, especially since it is mainly 5 common doffs!!

The sad thing is all, they built these new systems when all of these "deluges" of dilithium were available to us. They were supposed to be balanced for that, now cutting off the rate of dilithium gain but keeping the costs in the sinks and for items so high, well is a problem. Not to mention the fact that dilithium is not a time based currency, I don't care what they THINK it is, that is not HOW it is.
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11-08-2012, 09:05 PM
Is it likely that we will see the Romulan and omega items from a npc vender to test before it goes live?

I asked a lot earlier but it hasnt happened, so is this an idea that isn't going to happen or just taking a long time?
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11-08-2012, 09:07 PM
I agree that fleets are going to be fine... It takes more than a few minor price changes to stop people who actually want to get soemthing done. I will mist being able to get 50 FM for free, but enh...

I can haz joystick!
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Originally Posted by odyssey47 View Post
They're not being chased off, the pace at wish you progress is up to you. If you want to keep it casual, it's going to take longer. I really don't see what's wrong with that anyway. If the pace was set for small, casual fleets, then all the other fleets would finish too quickly. It's as simple as that.
Really? I have personally witnessed three small fleets wither and the players vanish from game since the launch of the fleet system. They were just fed up. They were not the type of people who post, yes they were the silent majority, they instead played the game then when enough was enough moved on.

It is the people that leave that never say a word why that Cryptic should worry about. Yes, we the vocal minority represent a very small voice, but at least we care enough to say what we feel is wrong.

The entire way dilithium is handled in this game is wrong, at the devs make it worse with each update by removing ways to obtain it and pushing heavy sinks. It may not be them, it may be PWE, but all the recent money ploys, new dilithium hooks and constraints, and changes have me a bit uneasy. To alter a quote from another IP, "The more you tighten your grip on dilithium, Cryptic, the more players will slip through your fingers."

The game is rapidly becoming less and less fun to play with each update.
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11-08-2012, 09:16 PM
Restrict players to 10 alts max in this game. The 46 klingon accounts have ruined the economy.

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I can see why the foundry Change happened, I don't like or agree with it but I see why.

Here is a compromise make Fleet marks available for Zen in a 1:7 to 1:10 ratio(1 Zen per every 7-10 Fleet marks.) I know it's not a perfect solution but i'm dedicated to my fleet and fleet mates so i'll drop the cash to keep my small fleet alive.

As I said the change based on Dil is fine but the Fleet marks will destroy small fleets, we don't want to grind over a year to get to T3 from T2 that's just too dang long to grind. Some of us have lives outside of playing STO.

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Originally Posted by heineko View Post
Restrict players to 10 alts max in this game. The 46 klingon accounts have ruined the economy.
They dont really, the amount of farming required to actually use said alts to maximum effectiveness is actual work.

There are more optimal ways to get Dilithium, besides they close this gap but left another one up ... perhaps its time Cryptic stops catering to PvPers since if want to talk about Dilithium exploits, I know very well were is the biggest one and I bet Cryptic does too yet does not nothing.

This just ruins casual players, also it does affect the megafleets because with the new reputation system and T5 requirements they are getting now into I bet many of those big contributors are going to switch to Reputation grind and hoarding Dilithium for the "new" items.

To me the worst is the less of the 50 Fleet Mark since that is replaceable, the Officer of the Watch daily is a J-O-K-E not worthy of even the mouse click.
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Originally Posted by heineko View Post
Restrict players to 10 alts max in this game. The 46 klingon accounts have ruined the economy.
How have they done that?

If anything, they are the ones that are keeping it alive. Zen doesn't come from nowhere; even if the people that end up using it didn't spend money on it, somebody did. And if those dil-to-zen farmers weren't doing what they are doing, the dil/zen ratio would fall dramatically. It's actually been pretty stable, despite knowing that we're going to need a ton of dil for all the rep stuff, which would drive the purchasing power of zen down to crazy-low levels.

You might be one of those folks that want the dil/zen ratio to go down. But if it does, then less and less people will buy zen to get dil - it just won't be worth it (I'd say it's already too low). And if less people buy zen, Cryptic gets less money from PWE, and we get less content, which is already pathetically low.
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The mission on tribble are all in the review stage which is probably why they dont qualify for the rewards yet.

either that or its not set up correctly yet.

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11-09-2012, 12:48 AM
The biggest issue I have with the foundry is that the rewards just isn't there for the time invested to get seriously dedicated to.

I play the foundry missions just to escape the massive grind fest that this game is for awhile and enjoy the stories that the players have came up with. I have to admit that it kills it for me when I play a mission that runs for about an hour and get absolutely nothing worthwhile outside of items to sell off.

The console clicker needs to go but this isn't going to turn players on to the foundry missions without some incentive.

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