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11-13-2012, 10:14 AM
um, Yeppers, o.k.... I am of course not happy with these Peanut Labs Free zen things either.

I understand and respect the fact that the creators of the game needs to make money for their work, yet the fact is that they have chosen to allow this "Peanut Labs" to "offer" "free zen".

After much reading on these forums, I had decided to Not try the surveys, as it sounds like a waste of time. All I ever did was watch the videos that were available to get 2 or 3 zen. (Those of course seem to have disappeared forever now).

Yet, a couple days ago, I decided to try one of their other offers, and give it a chance.

The offer is that if you install "Real player", you receive 21 zen free.....(ahem**cough**).

I chose this one for the particular reason that , usually there are no viruses attached to that software, as far as I've heard, alot of people use Real Player....

Yea, o.k., well I took screen shots, pictures of the process of me installing Real player, as was suggested to do on this forum somewhere.

Installed it........................................Got No Zen!

O.k........ I click on the contact thingy , top right corner of the page for help..............nothing ...nothing happens, nothing......

Next thing I do, is contact perfect world.... they tell me to contact peanut labs!

At this point, I'm fed up! IF you are going to allow Peanut Labs or dippit loopity doodily false places, to offer free zen, the least you can do is offer a service to contact the company yourself instead of saying to us "oh sorry to hear that, but thats your problem not ours bwahahahahaaaaaa" <----laughing like the 'banker' from the t.v. show 'deal or no deal'.

I gave up, and deleted my screen photos of installing real player. I know some would have kept going, but I've had a heck of a life to now, and I just can't bother with such disrespectfulness.

Next thing that happens, is, after I stop playing a game, my computer begins to act funny!

I uninstall Real Player, and what do ya know, my computer continues to act worse!!

I run a virus scan, everything checks out fine, yet I know somthings not right.

It was so bad, that I had to Reformat my entire computer and reinstall EVERYTHING, now only bout a day ago, after spending 2 days re-installing things, and getting my computer back to normal, do I look back and think, what a waste of time.

In that time I could have earned the crystals to exchange for zen!

As far as I can tell, those "free zen" offers, are NOT to be trusted, at all!!!!

It's cruel to have something such as that, lure people into its trap, only to waste their time.

Yea, the only way to get zen , is to work really hard for it and trade crystals for zen at the exchange (and thank God the exchange within the STO game exists), or hope to God you can afford to actually buy some zen someday.

Anyhow, my point is, your not the only one whom isn't happy with those false offers, they're almost as bad as "phoney Maloney" LOL from the british xfactor.

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11-13-2012, 11:30 AM
You are completely right..The zen offers are complete scams...I have built computers for over 15 years and I have tried the zen offers 3 times and all of them got some sort of spyware,malware, and even got lead to a site that tried to drop a trojan on my computer. I reported it to PWE and Peanut Labs to be told i clicked on something that wasn't a offer of there's because they don't endorse that kind of stuff..Next step was i got mad of course...Went back to same offer on a different account and took screenshots this time of my Malware Program and Antivirus popping up alerts and then sent them to both so they could what happens when you click on the offer link..What surprised me was I still got told that was not there fault that happened and i clicked on something different even though the pics and video i took showed my mouse clicking on it...Anyway the point is anyone who reads this...Don't risk your computer and your data from being stolen or lost it is not worth it...And yes some have had success with the offers but honestly I think those are people who work for Peanut Labs or PWE because have never heard any good come out of them...
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11-13-2012, 12:21 PM
I like peanut Labs. But I don't know how to get Peanut Labs all the time. Since I connect from Europe it automatically gives me Sponsor Pay most of the time.

And Sponsorpay is worse I can tell you. 99% of the offers require you to put email adress and telephone number in. I set up an email just for that, and guess what.

Shortly after completing some of those offers, I receive mail on that mailaccount, but not from the company that let me do the survey. It was spam.

Since I knew about SponsorPays policy not paying out I always made screenshots of the "successful end" of a survey saying its done, or the validation pages after confirming a link from a verification email.

I wrote like 10 tickets after the suggested time to pay out, I made a standard sentence like "Verification email received, link clicked" and uploaded a screenshot of the email and the verification webpage.

I didn't receive an answer to those, and now my Sponsorpay account is banned. I got no message as to why it is banned, nor can I see my SponsorPay History and tickets anymore.

I just hope I can chose Peanut Labs again, already did a few things today when I luckily got it and made 250 Zen without giving any email adress or telephone. Just plain box clicking and some typing what you like about what product.

I would be glad if anyone could tell me how to get PeanutLabs instead of SponsorPay, cause PeanutLabs had german surveys in it too.

PM maybe, thanks

And good luck, use PeanutLabs
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11-13-2012, 01:19 PM
not worth it unless its from a good company
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11-30-2012, 05:20 AM
There's an old saying, if it looks too good to be true, it usually is.
I avoid those surveys at all times.
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11-30-2012, 05:13 PM
On the survey side, I've had a good deal of success, made a few thousand zen (saved myself even more dil), and haven't been spammed.

The other offers, of course approach with caution - if at all.
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