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# 1 Infected ground
11-04-2012, 08:12 PM
I am assuming the normal version of stfs is so people can learn the encounters? I unfortunately picked up an elitist in my random group, he belonged to some fleet with elite in their name. I wish I could name names but I believe thats against forum policy. Anyways we got to the Borg queen got wiped a few times. Once we figured things out it went smoothly. The only problem was the elitist wasnt helping the group and then left. Which left us a man down. My question is does the respawn timers for the npcs in that room speed up each time you kill them? We actually made it to the boss fight when we were hit with a mass respawn on all sides. Needless to say we died quickly.

Any tips on this last room would help thanks Yes I know a website or two could give me a whole page of tips. This being said practical knowledge of people who have done it, can help more then a 100 websites.
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11-04-2012, 08:28 PM
Originally Posted by gaalom View Post
My question is does the respawn timers for the npcs in that room speed up each time you kill them?
No, they respawn after a while but its unlikely you see it if you dont screw up and have to redo the 3 consoles part.

We actually made it to the boss fight when we were hit with a mass respawn on all sides. Needless to say we died quickly.
No, that is normal ... they respawn back during the last boss fight, I do think this is because they are set to spawn several seconds after the boos comes out and gives the whole speech bit, there are not many safe areas in there, being at the center IS very bad since they spawn in the corners meaning they can all target you if you are in the middle.

The only advice I can give is to spread (so you can do flank damage) but not too much, never stay in the middle and get ready for then to show up.
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11-04-2012, 11:58 PM
it doesn't matter if the boss comes out or not. once they die, they will respawn in a predetermined amount of time. my best suggestion for you is to work as a team to clear out the room and to do the consoles quickly and efficiently. generally speaking, all 5 members should clear out the left platform, then the right platform and then the center. why? it is because when the borg do respawn, the left platform is the furthest away from everyone in the fight and will pose the least trouble if indeed the fight takes longer than expected. then as the three people jump to activate the consoles, the two remaining ones should hastily clear the platforms ahead. a sci with a pulsewave is efficient at doing this. i generally do this by having one person middle covering with a split beam rifle, to help draw aggro, as i jump to the top left corner. i then melee and pulsewave the closest corner guy into the plasma. i swing around the console and line up the two remaining on the platform and tach harmonic and pulsewave them into the plasma. then i jump to top mid and melee push them into the plasma, using a pulsewave shot if they don't quite make it. finally, jumping to the last corner, i go behind the closest guy, push him close to the edge and pulsewave him into the plasma. swing around the console and tach harmonic the last two, finishing off with a pulsewave if necessary. the middle guy will have kept some aggro, so the clearing guy isn't dealing with 3 drones at once, while the 3 jumpers can focus on jumping and the consoles. no one has to die unnecessarily and the room gets done in a quick and efficient manner.

i suggest the middle guy use a split beam, because any weapon with knockback can disrupt the pattern, making it harder for the clearing guy to do their job and thus, wasting time. i hope you give it a go and remember, use the omega set power as often as you can and you will be fine.

when dealing with the queen, have a tactical captain use tactical initiative just as the fight is beginning and have your sci rattle off the powers in this order: tach harmonic, sensor scan and then nano virus. then repeat tach harmonic and sensor scan while firing in between. this makes the fight sooo much faster, thus mitigating the chances you will have to deal with respawning borg.

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# 4
11-05-2012, 12:17 AM
Thank you for the information and advice. It helped clear up some confusion.
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11-05-2012, 08:43 AM
At he Elite STF channel uses the Left, Right, Center method listed above. There are more efficient ways, BUT the most important point is that the team knows the plan. With reduced DPS the order in which you clear the room becomes very important. When you kill a borg in that room it will respawn in about 2 minutes.

Therefore the best plan will generally involve, a clear as you go strategy. I have seen a team of engineers, all with the doffs for mortars clear the room in the time it takes to setup their super bunker. A team with very high dps tacs can easily clear the room in 30 seconds. Still, any of these methods still involve teamwork. In the queens room, the less is more. The less you have to kill to get to the next step, the faster you go.

If the team doesn't have the dps to finish the room fast then it might be best for everyone to move together. The extra knockbacks from push weapons will be handy.

If you struggle with jumping, then your team should try going counter clockwise. That way you avoid one of the dangerous jumps. IF you plan to do this then clear right and center and leave left for last. This still requires teamwork.
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11-05-2012, 03:21 PM
Well once the elitist with his sniper rifle left the group, the team then came together, and started working together. The only problem is it was normal stf, and not very geared players, so we needed that 5th person to get the job done. We didnt have that 5th person. Next time ill know what I am doing and why, so it should help, and hopefully I dont pull another elitist on my team. Those people are a waste of skin. Ive seen real top of the line raiders do things in large guilds. The funny thing is they are completely opposite from what most of these so called elite players are like attitude wise. Someday these elitist will figure out teamwork is what wins and gets things done.
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11-05-2012, 08:29 PM
Well, to be fair I've been in PuG groups that just won't listen to the (tried and tested) advice that I give them.

There are elitists in this game, there's also players like myself that like to PuG the normals because I've done the Elites to death and playing the normals is just simple fun in comparison.

I've never quit on a team that's trying to make it through and if they're willing to listen I'll teach them how to play the STFs properly - but it's sad how many players drop into STFs for the first time and decide to quit when they get to the transformers in Cure or Rebecca's room in Infected.

Anyway, irrespective of experience, any 'Elite' player that PuGs normals then rages when they go wrong is far from being one of the real elite in this game...
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11-09-2012, 04:21 PM
I know this is an older thread, but I had someone tell me this and I tested it and found it to be true.

On IGE, the respawn time on the tac drones in Manus's chamber is 3 minutes.
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11-09-2012, 04:40 PM
I don't pug many STFs, but, speaking as someone who does a lot of PvP, it seems like it's the fleets with Elite in their name that always die the easiest

The respawn time doesn't change with how often you do it.

If you have a team that can get their act together and not run off in every direction and get themselves killed, here is the most efficient way of clearing that room:

Use no pets. Engineers, deploy no toys. This means no Fabrication kits - use Enemy Neutralization or Equipment Technician.

Clear center platform. Do not aggro any other Borg. Pulsewaves are okay, but no other AoE weapons.

Clear the near right platform. You can speed this up by using knockback attacks (pulsewave secondary, sniper rifle secondary, melee) to knock the borg into the plasma instead of killing them yourself. Start the right platform.

Move to the far right platform. Clear and start.

Clear the far center platform of borg.

Move to the far left platform. Clear and start.

Move to the near left platform. Clear and start.

Blow the generator, spread out, use hard cover, and kill Rebecca.

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