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I just took a look at the new system for getting your gear and such from STF's that is on the Tribble server right now, and needless to say I was less than impressed. I have two major issues with this right now:
  1. I have to go buy stuff like Major Regenerators and Large Shield Charges for projects, and I have to replicate things like Shield Generators. This costs a ton of energy credits, which moves my STF experience from a simple "play the mission for a chance to earn the tech drops to buy the rewards" to an annoying "spend as much energy credits as you can to buy the stuff you need to start the projects, and hopefully you'll be able to afford everything you need to earn the rewards you want". I consider this extremely annoying, and it makes me want to avoid doing STF missions since I know that getting the gear is no longer going to be fun.

  2. I can only start two projects, which only total 2800 XP, and they take nearly two days to complete. This means that, no matter how much time I put in to STF missions, it is not possible for me to get the gear I want any faster. I am obviously assuming (and I didn't bother verifying this) that the Omega marks can also be used to actually buy the gear once I get to Tier I, however since it takes more than 3 days to get there and be able to start looking at what I want to put Omega marks into, I don't really enjoy the STF missions.

Personally, I prefer the old system where I may never get my tech drops over this new system. At least I could buy the MK XI MACO/Omega Force/Honor Guard stuff with the Borg Data Chips, so I knew exactly when I'd be able to get them and exactly how much work I was going to have to put in to do it.

BTW: These forums suck pretty bad...
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11-09-2012, 08:16 PM
They cut the dil down from stf because they want you playing fleet missions.

The reason you go on elite stf in the future is for borg marks you will need for the gear at t5.
And so there is no reason to play ground or play normal or play any of the harder ones anymore.

And sorry to disappoint but contrary to any game you ever played or ever will play, items do not unlock when you level
So after you unlock the permission to unlock you unlock the item. THEN you buy it.

That's what is so intuitive about it.

Leveling is unlocking PERMISSION to unlock items. Heheh, everytime I type that, I can't help picturing 1 person sitting in a chair in front of another guy and explaining this like it made sense, I would love to hear that convo and take notes, that guy can sell anything.

But maybe he said something like this, this system is perfectly suited to what our metrics tell us is our average user is like. Our math shows us a 60 % decrease in time taken to get the gear.
They will be thankful we are now giving them a way to see how far they have progressed while basing the whole system on their habbits in addition to reducing their workload, more than cutting it in half !!1on111
At the same time we give people the freedom to choose what they want to unlock at each level.

Anyway the biggest problem I see with it all isn't that season 7 on it's own isn't necessarily all that great - the problem is they chose to take stf's down in building it.

And so the success of season 7 is also about topping and compensating for the old stf's.

The difference being you could have added without taking away. If people didn't like the rep part so what, they still had stf now they don't have that anymore it's all up to the rep system to carry everything.



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