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# 1 New PvP Modes (Ideas)
11-09-2012, 02:31 PM
  • Solo, PvP mode where players may not queue as a team
  • Stock, A pvp mode where unique on use consol skills are prohibited (p2w Consol skills + Leech)
  • Solo/Stock, Mix of Solo and Stock pvp modes
  • Battleground, 10v10 (arenas only)
  • Battleground Solo, 10v10 Arenas no Teams
  • Battlegrounds Stock, 10v10 Arenas + Stock Rules
  • Battleground Solo/Stock, 10v10 Arenas No teams + Stock Rules
  • True, versions of all above, Bars the use of Hangers and fleet support.
  • And ofc, Default

Now, the UI would have buttons at the Top that allow u to select Type. Running these modes will allow ppl who are Disgusted with Spam, P2W, and NPCs doing 99.999% of the DPS in pvps, AND premades who lolfaceroll ppl.
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# 2
11-09-2012, 02:43 PM
While i would like more pvp modes I think you are overdoing it. There are not that many players. The solo mode would help but I might simply make it into a max groups of 3 mode or something like that.
The 10v10 queue would be nice.

As for the stock modes... well I doubt they would ever make something like that. You can't sell people stuff for money and than forbid them to use it. Also why allow ships like the bug and prevent the use of consoles? Doesn't make sense. A leech is no more pay to win than a bug.
Survivor of Remus
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# 3
11-09-2012, 02:54 PM
While i see ur agruement i beleive its HIGHLY unlikely that they will ban p2w ships from pvp over p2w consols.

$20 vrs $400

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