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# 1 The Rep system my thoughts
11-09-2012, 06:21 PM
I find the fact that the projects take so long to complete when i think they should be a day at most. So you have something to do with the rep system every day that you are on.

Also I would like to see the ability to donate to the projects that come after the first. So when it completes the first it starts the next immediately kinda like how you can queue skills in eve. You would still have to set up the next projects after the second one so it won't be a press this and have all done auto for you. But it would be nice to help with progress of a system that seems very downtime heavy...

I would like a space component to the last omega rep skill maybe a aoe debuff cure(with long cooldown) to every one around you like the ground component.. If it already does do this, the tool tip doesn't seem very clear.
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# 2
11-09-2012, 06:38 PM
Heheh, well if you noticed the romulan "active" ability it's sort of a ship healing ability too with a 5 second cloak where you won't get shot, so that's where you will find your ship heal counterpart.

But I couldn't agree more, there is a lot of downtime. Get your marks and see you in 2 days.
I was already planning on afk doff'ing on everything but one character but now it looks like season 7 is going to be one long afk march.
Another possible solution is leveling more than 1 between the 2 days gap.

But supposedly it's set up for the "average user" that can spend 30 min or less or the game a day.
However I think they forgot how great the rewards on old stf have and how much people play just for those, but we will see, I am usually wrong about everything I feel is reasonable about f2p models.

My wish for the future is earning marks through the doff system using a handheld device so we can all go afk completely.

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