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# 1 Advice on my build
11-17-2012, 12:48 PM
I'm going to preface all of this with "I really don't know what I'm doing with this" and noting that my build probably is pretty terrible. That being said, I was hoping you guys could give me some tips on what specifically about it is bad and possible solutions.

Ship Class: Chimera

Fore Weapons:
1. Dual Antiproton Beam Bank Mk XI [CrtH][Dmg]x2
2. Antiproton Beam Array Mx XI [CrtH][Dmg]x2
3. Antiproton Beam Array Mx XI [CrtH][Dmg]x2
4. Wide Angle Quantum Torpedo Launcher [Acc] [CrtH] [Arc]
Aft Weapons:
1. Antiproton Beam Array Mx XI [CrtH][Dmg]x2
2. Antiproton Beam Array Mx XI [CrtH][Dmg]x2
3. Quantum Torpedo Launcher [Acc][Dmg]x2

Deflector, Impulse, Shield: Aegis Set

Engineering Consoles:
1. Field Emitter Mk XI (White)
2. RCS Accelerator Mk XI (White)
3. Tetraburnium Hull Armor Mk X (Green)
Science Consoles:
1. Particle Generator Mk X (White)
2. Emitter Array Mk XI (Green)
Tactical Consoles:
1. Dynamic Tactical System
2. Antiproton Mag Regulator Mk X (White)
3. Antiproton Mag Regulator Mk XI (Green)
4. Assimilated Module

Boff stations:
Lt Commander Universal: Engineer
1. Emergency Power to Shields
2. Engineering Team II
3. Reverse Shield Polarity
Ensign Universal: Tactical
1. Beam Array: Overload I
Commander Tactical:
1. Torpedo High Yield I
2. Target Shield Subsystems II
3. Torpedo High Yield III
4. Attack Pattern Omega III
Lieutenant Engineer:
1. Engineering Team I
2. Boarding Party I
Lieutenant Science
1. Jam Sensors I
2. Tractor Beam II

Like I said, I really don't know any of the science behind making a good build, so I expect a lot of "Why do you have THAT on there" or even a "Burn that and start over".

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11-17-2012, 01:27 PM
I don't actually have this ship, so keep that in mind. It's classified as an escort, and I do own 4 of them. I would go all cannons

If you PvE

Tactical Boff 1
TT, Beta 1 RF 2, Delta 3
Tactical Boff 2
TT, Beta 1, RF2
Polorize Hull, Feedback pulse
Eng Boff 1
eptW 1, eptW2 (or RSP)

Eng Borg+RCS+ Neutronium
Sci 2 field generators
Tac 4x (whatever damage type)

3 turrets

If you can get the Borg ship set use it.

This works really well on my Fleet patrol escort which is the closest ship to this. For PvP I'd keep the same consoles, but change the Boffs to have less debuffs and include torpedos based abilities.
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11-17-2012, 03:05 PM
I couldnt disagree more.

In PvE you're going to want torpedoes, not PvP.

You dont need 3 attack patterns, and you're wasting the commander tactical slot. That should be CRF or CSV.

This is pretty standard. Bread and butter. (Dont mind the skill point allocation)

For PvP, you dont want torpedoes, just go all Cannons, 2 tac teams, 2 Omega. This is a great ship for an Aux to Bat build too.

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