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# 1 Best Hanger Pet For PvE?
11-10-2012, 11:13 AM
Yo, Never owned a carrier before but i'm going to get myself a fine piece of Aventine when S7 hits. Have no interest in PvP really, as a Galaxy Class Captain i'm basically a target for advanced battle cloak KDF Ships!

Now, i'm not sure what'd really be best for PvE's (Mostly Stfs). I thought fighters, as they have extra DPS and can fire quantums - But would the runabouts and their slowdown torpedo's and tractor spamming be better? Or should i go with some different ones?

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11-10-2012, 11:18 AM
well, I am in your shoes too.

here is my thought process. you gonna fly a sci, which is basically the word in sto for cc, which means you gonna have loads of hold abilties (alright, at least one, grav well 3, and that is more than enough as stfs are concerned), so the extra tractor and hold abilities from the pets, is not really an advantage.

however if you compare the aventine to an escort, you lose a front DHC, which means loss of dps. but you can gain that back with the fighters (and as I was informed, they deal the most dps of the pets).

and as dps is everything in stfs, I would say that they are the best choice
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# 3
11-10-2012, 11:19 AM
Personally I used three hangars depending on the situation in PvE up until now.

Adv. Peregrines - for pure DPS
Adv. Runabouts - Phaser arrays can fire in any direction in contrast with fighter cannons. The torpedos are decent and the tractor beam is really useful, but is going to get nerfed in the next update (longer cooldown). Not sure if I'll stick with these as a result.
Adv. Shield Repair Unit - purely defensive, but the shield heal rate is really good. Used those on HEC, which made it a quite tanky escort. Good for team support as well, as you can send them to heal other players.

On the KDF though I stick with Frigates, Slavers and sometimes To'Duj, depending on the situation.

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