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As the subject sais: Just list what you would like to have.

My list:
  • Two more maps like Ker'rat, one with Federation NPC's, one with Klingon NPC's instead of the Borg. Should there ever be a Romulan faction, please also make one with Romulan NPC's.
  • Speaking of Romulans, I would love to see an arena and a scenario map for three-faction-PvP: Three teams, one from each faction. Three-faction gameplay I would also love to have in the warzones.
  • Making the warzone missions true dailies would be nice, too.
  • More scenario maps like Salvage Operation. This has great potential, in my opinion - especially if the capture points (or other objectives) aren't as clustered as they are on Salvage Operation. Almost the whole map should be used, not just some tiny spot in the center.
  • A 1v1 queue. As most 1v1's end in a stalemate, add some time-limited objective for that.
  • A 3v3 arena queue. The best PvP arena matches I have had were all 3v3.
  • A transparent matching system that publicly displays the ranking of each and every PvP player - or at least some kind of "ranking value" for that player or character when clicking on "info".

What would be your list?
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# 2
11-14-2012, 11:53 PM
I would like to see "neutral" and "contested" galaxy zones to be free pvp zones. Ie. you can catch someome and attack him, resulting in duel like experience similar to StarFleet command.

Also I would like to see a zone similar to Kerrat, but without borg but fed/kdf npcs, something like neutral zone border area, where both sides contest of holding critical areas and have daily missions against opposite side.

- kill enemy
- recon enemy installation
- sabotage
- transfer provisions etc.

All that with a pvp reputation of sort, for unique skins,ships,weapons with more pvp oriented modifers, consoles, P2W consoles and such.
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# 3
11-15-2012, 01:54 AM
Hi Soph.

Nice topic.

I always wanted to see the following:

  1. Badlands with sporadic energy tornado's
  2. Return of the earlier season assault map
  3. Ship graveyard
  4. Moving Nebula
  5. Pirates Den
  6. More C & H scenarios
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# 4
11-15-2012, 05:02 AM
First I would like to say that I think rewards in the game should be based off of difficult it is. I think PVP is the hardest that?s why the rewards I have are high.

1. PVP Starbase Incursion space ? 5 man teams all from one fleet. (premade only in a way) one team attacks one defends. Defending team can use operational assists. Rewards are Fleet marks. Time limit is 5 to 10 minutes per match. I think there are 5 things to kill/defend. At tier 1 each is 20 marks and the tier level is a multiplier so at tier 5 something is 100 marks. Total of 500 marks could be earned for the attacking team if they killed everything. But this would be divided by how many players there are so each person could get 100 marks. Defending team gets what every marks the attacking team didn?t earn divided by 2(it will be easier for them). If something is not completely kill say it is 50% health attackers get 50% of marks and defenders 50%/2.

2. 20 man arena matches, 15 minutes or 40 kills. Rewards PVP marks and dil.

3. King of the hill. Rewards PVP marks and dil.

4. Tug of war ? each team has one start point and I the middle there is a wall (you can pass through it, it is just visual). Goal - get the wall to move to the other teams start. The wall will only move for you if you are on the enemy?s side. So both teams will have to stay on opposite sides of the wall while trying to kill each other. When you die you will have to go through the other team to get back to yours. Private matches can set how far the wall needs to move. Rewards PVP marks and dil.

5. Open PVP Free for all - have a unique zone for each map that you must manually go to where you can kill anyone. There would need to be safe zones by the spawn points. 1 PVP mark and 5 dil for each kill.

6. Open PVP Fed vs Kdf ? same thing as free for all but can only kill the other faction. 2 PVP marks 10 dil for each kill.

I don?t know if they can change the settings so we can do my open PVP idea but I know they wouldn?t need to make maps so that would save time. Also both open PVP games could be on the same map just different rewards for who you kill.

7. No win scenario PVP style ? 5 man teams defends have to protect the ship just like the PVE version. Attackers have to destroy it. Rewards are Fleet marks; attacks start with 20 marks and lose 2 per minute. Defends earn 5 per minute. Game has a 10 minute limit. Also attackers get a plus 10% damage bonus per minute so at 10 minute they are doing double the damage they would normally.

When I think of more I will add them.
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# 5
11-15-2012, 06:13 AM
1. More maps like Ker'rat. Maybe something in the new sector, fighting tholians. Also the spawn points of KDF and Federation should not be at the same point. You could offer a few romulan marks as reward, maybe with a daily quest.

2. More capture and hold. Another map and some gameplay improvement. We really need a progress bar or something while capturing. And maybe an indicator if we are in range.

3. Maybe some sort of assault mode. Have a team defend a base (their own starbase maybe) and some team attack. You could even award fleet marks for that. You could add turrets, npc ships... make it a bit of a bigger battle. PvP/PvE mix.
Give the attacking team a siege ship, the defenders a starbase. Only the siege ship can attack the starbase. If the ship dies, attackers loose, if the base dies, defenders loose.

4. More arena maps and maybe a 10v10 queue. Max group size is 5. That means no 10 man premade. Might make for some more interesting battles.
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# 6
11-15-2012, 07:43 AM
What i want is restricted queues and private matches. For queues it means you have different queues with different limits on what ships/consoles can be used. Going from everything goes like now to no c-store console at all for example.
For private matches extend this to disable certain consoles, skills, ships etc.

I want challenges to happen right there where the players are, in the open world map, not whisked away to some lonely instance.
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# 7
11-15-2012, 08:24 AM
I keep it simple and I paste what I also put in another topic, but with some more additionals:

Get rid of the queue's and introduce a open PvP sector block (like Kerrat but bigger, without narrow population cap and annoying reset timers). There should be some hiding places to get some cover, like big asteroids, debris fields, whatsoever. But keep a Challenge Queue for special duels or build try-out's.

I'm thinking about the open PvP style as Battlestar Galactica Online has. It's really fun and you can have huge battles instead the lousy 5/20 man queue's.
Also I would like to see loot drops from enemy players, even Romulan/Omega Marks.

But I'm afraid STO is likely to stay a more MMO against npc's than PvP
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# 8
11-15-2012, 05:03 PM
1) PvP Territorial
Obviously this wont happen until the Romulans and the Klingons get fully fleshed out, but here is my take on a TRUE PvP Territorial Star Trek.

*With the current map now and the Territories, Starfleet will be at war on 3 fronts, Romulans to the top of the Galaxy, Klingons to the bottom, and the 3 way zone to the right. Klingons will be at war on the bottom side with Federation and the zone to their Top Right. Romulans will be at war on the bottom with Starfleet and the bottom right with the 3 way warzone. (This will balance out the Federation having so many more players than them)

*Their leader will assign fleets to either defend an important system/diplomat, escort someone, ambush, cloak and surprise, so much more, whatever they deem necessary.

*They can appoint a High Council composed of fleet leaders with a set amount of people in the fleet to discuss the next plan of attack.

*Defend systems that have important resources to each faction

*In these councils, people are not going to always agree with each other... Fleets will probably never agree on the same tactics so they can wage war on each other using Starbases as attack points. kind of a cap and hold. Use the Embassies to form alliances with fleets to assist you on different fronts on the battle ground.

*Ability to board onto an enemy ship and try to disable something on the inside (Like join the boarding parties, or hell get ride of boarding parties and when you disable a ship, go aboard and have a last stand sort of thing)

* Cryptic and the Devs can hold Weekend Battle Events where a huge battle will take place. A rare and selected few will get titles for their heroics. "One Man Army" For being out numbered and coming back to help win a war. "Bond" For infiltrating an enemy camp as a spy So much more

* Squad Leaders.... Alpha, Bravo, Delta, etc and they are all under The Platoon Leader. He reports to Admiral Quinn himself

*So much more.... I will think and edit later
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