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I am reposting this here because it was just lost in the Bug forums.

  • CXP-Fleet Marks Missions -
    • Engineering Report - Diagnostic Engineer shows up as with the red triangle saying I do not have the appropriate DOFF to slow when I in fact do. This one appropriately opens up the Engineering Branch and allows slotting
    • Military Report - This one says I do not have the appropriate DOFF as well. This one inappropriately opens up the Tactical Branch rather than Military Branch. You cannot open Military DOFFs and slot the right one but it allows slotting.
    • Medical Report - Doctor shows up as with the red triangle saying I do not have the appropriate DOFF to slow when I in fact do. This one appropriately opens up the Medical Branch and allows slotting.
    • Development Report - Entertainer shows up as with the red triangle saying I do not have the appropriate DOFF to slow when I in fact do. This one appropriately opens up the Civilian Branch and allows slotting.
  • DOFF Exchange Missions
    • Hide-and-Seek DOFFs - A bug from the "Reassign Underpeforming Officers" has carried over to the Exchange Missions. If you do the same Exchange Mission more than once, the second time and beyond, your slottable DOFFs will not show unless you click on the empty DOFF slot in the lower right of the Assignment. This is a longstanding bug (Since Season 5's launch) that occurs with the "Reassign Underperforming Officers" on the Vulcan, Andorian, Tellarite, Naussican, Orion, Gorn, and Factional Personnel Officers. I reported this carry-over bug HERE.
    • Reassigning Exchanges - At least from the Federation Personnel Officer, both the Reassign and Exchange DOFF missions have the red exclamation point, indicating you do not have the correct DOFFs to slot. You can still slot commons into them and run the missions so this must be a new graphical bug that was introduced with today's patch.
  • Fleet Duty Officers
    • Wayward Scientists - Several scientists from the boxes are being flagged as medical and it does not appear to be restricted to a particular specilization in science either, rather is on a DOFF by DOFF basis. Some Geologists appropriately come out as scientists while others come out as Medical. This is most evident on the UI Screen that shows you the new DOFFs you have just received. I am not sure at this time if it carry's over to the rest of the DOFF system but I do not see why it would not. For a full list of these misclassified Science DOFFs see HERE.
    • Masquerading Security Officers - In addition to the mis-flagged Science Officers, two Armory Officers on the Fed side have slipped through the cracks and are mis-flagged as Tactical Officers not Security. There names are: Mollie Olivia Parreno and T'Plul. For the Klingon side the misclassified officers are: Armory Officers - Ch'Rote, Lymif and Security Officers - Keedare, Mulse, Nermav. Armory Officers deserve a pass to ensure they are flagged correctly.
    • Buyer's Remorse!! - With the update to the Fleet DOFFs not being able to be slotted into Fleet Projects, there is no distinction between them and other DOFFs aside from having a complete list of names. For a hopefully complete list of Federation Commons, see HERE
  • Missing Categories on the Exchange
    • Warfare Specialists Where? - There are still no categories for Space and Ground Warfare Specialists on the exchange, the previous Tholian Very Rares were sorting as Geologists and Energy Weapons Officers. I have no idea where all the new flavors are now sorting
  • Miscellaneous Annoying UI Bugs
    • Replicator Reshuffle - When you have chosen DOFF assignments from a Department Head, then open up the Replicator to create some commodities for said assignment, the DOFF Missions reshuffle forcing you to then replicate the materials, choose the deptartment head again, then choose the mission again. This is an annoying little bug that has been around for a while and was recently brought up in THIS thread.
  • Assignment Populating
    • Slacker Security Chief - On the Federation side the list of DOFF assignments when selecting the Security Department head is sparse, so sparse that in some cases there are never any missions offered. There needs to be more missions here, simply grabbing them from Tactical would not be an answer as then both Heads would have a rather small selection compared to the others.

And now for a huge Bonus Bug
  • Interaction Distances for Terminals at the First City and Klingon Academy - These are all messed up and many have a relative short range (i.e., sometimes you have to stand on top of them). Thus, when multiple players are at the same one they are all clumped on top of each other. This is not just one single terminal but all of the terminals in the First City (especially those in the exchange area) and all of the terminals at the Klingon Academy. Apparently since Season 6, the interaction range has shifted from the center of the terminals to odd places and even back. All terminals need a pass. The alternative is could you just not make the terminals also clickable to open the interaction rather than having and interaction arc?

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Miscellaneous Annoying UI Bugs
this isn't specific to doffing. Department heads and the replicator seem to use the same sort of coding as talking to an NPC. the game has a limitation that only allows you to be talking to one NPC at a time.

And yeah.... if you're cloaked you'll decloak on opening the replicator or talking to a DH.

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