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(NEW) Critical - Deep Space Nine Fleet Action Non-Accessible For Vice Admirals (!!!)

When you are in range of Deep Space Nine, you no longer have the option to choose the fleet action when you have reached the level of Vice Admiral 1 (51). This bug has been confirmed by many players.

(Promoted) Critical - Item EC Values Do STILL Not Rise After Mark X (!!!)

It was promised in the release notes that the energy credit values would be properly raised for MK XI and MK XII items in comparison to MK X items. However, not a single thing has changed since Season 3 has been uploaded to the game.

Reason for critical promotion: It's been like this for months. It's getting a bit ... ridiculous, sorry. A small change in the database could fix this with ease.

(Promoted) Critical - Item (Consoles) Toolbox Descriptions STILL Wrong (!!!)

Some of the item toolbox descriptions of ship consoles either state a wrong number or the consoles really are bugged. When I look at the description of a Directed Energy Distribution Manifold MK XI, it boosts the beam weapon settings by 24, however it's supposed to boost them by 26 points. This is just one example. Almost all consoles from MK X up to MK XII in various rarities show those wrong stats.

Reason for critical promotion: Same as previous. It's a small database error which could probably quite easily get corrected, but it's never done. Why?

(Permanent) Critical - Pressing Buttons In The Air Bug Returned!

Yeah, nuff said in the title. It has been there for some time (specially in STF's it was very annoying when you had to leave the team and log out and back in) and now it has returned, the infamous epic bug of all bugs: The pressing buttons in the air bug. You cannot move, you cannot do anything except sometimes firing your weapon. Sometimes it's combined with a laser beam pointing to the ground. You stand there like you're using a console or something like that. The only solution is: Log out, back in and it works. It's very annoying. Please fix this soon.

(Permanent) Critical - Bridge Officer Ground Combat Issues - Postponed To Be Fixed In Season 4

I have encountered a serious bug when I watched my Klingon bridge officer using the Bat'leth in close combat against enemies on ground. He's just standing in front of the enemy and keeps using his boff abilities, but not the weapon, not at all! I then heard that someone I know said "this is old, must be a bug, they should fix it". I wonder why NPC's and enemies can use melee weapons without a problem, and bridge officers can't use them? Please have a look at this anytime soon, it's quite critical to some players.

Also, please check about the natural melee combat traits of some species like Nerve Pinch of Vulcans, Leg Sweep (Skill) etc. For example "Ambush": Boffs use this during combat, then get hit and lose the bonus before they can use it. So they get no benefit because they're too stupid to use it properly. Also about "Motion Accelerator": Boffs do not benefit from this because they're too stupid to use it when held. Also this happens quite often mainly on ESD: After purchasing a new Boff, you can't have them join your crew until after you've changed instances.

Secondary Weapon Fire Bugged When Being Hit - Season 4 (?)

I also encountered another issue with my own weapon when I get hit at the same time when attempting to fire the secondary shot mode of my gun. When this happens, the weapon will NOT fire, the cooldown however will still apply. This is unfair and makes it a lot harder and longer to kill mobs on ground. Please have a look at this, thank you.

Ker'rat Space War - Still Many Enemies Stuck In Unicomplex

The title quite sums it up. Please have a look at that instance one more time, it's quite annoying to be shot by enemies you cannot shoot yourself. Thanks in advance for looking into it.

Phaser Beam Overload Sound FX Wrong

There is a new sound FX for the phaser beam overload ability, but it's wrongly assigned. It now sounds like a TOS phaser beam array overload. It sounds kind of strange now, please have a look and fix it if possible.

Transwarp To DS9 / K7 / SB39 / ESD & Grant Diplomatic Immunity & Fireworks

Those six abilities randomly disappear in sector space after some time, and the only thing you can do is press "P" and retrieve the abilities from there, drag them back into the bar on the bottom and pray it will stay there, butt of course it won't do that. Please have a look at this, it's annoying.

Dialogue Boxes Dissapear - Forced Beam Out

Some of them do not appear again after you decide to close them and re-open them later. That will force the player to quit the map and re-enter after 5 minutes of instance period. If the player is in a team, he will not be able to re-join the team before switching to a new map. Unfortunately I do not have an exact list, but one I do remember is in the Aelas System before you switch to the part when you have to fight the Klingons and Romulans (Warp To Aelas). I wanted to finish scanning an anomaly and confirm the dialogue box after that. However, I had no chance to do so. I was unable to join my team until they were finished with fighting the Klingons and Romulans. We re-joined on the ground portion.

Minor Damage & Injuries Stay Forever

Minor damage on ships and minor injuries on ground do not disappear after 30 minutes of play time. The symbol however is gone when you look at the team window! This is confusing. When you check them in detail, you will still see a red "Injured" button! Please have a look at this issue, thank you.

Away Team Constellation Changes Randomly

Sometimes you can play for many days and nothing happens, and then you suddenly have a new default away team choice, sometimes you even have a "Security" officer in your standard away team again, all of a sudden. How can this happen? I have defined my standard team and it used to never change, now it changes quite often.

Antiproton Mag Regulator MK XI / MK XII - Icon & Rarities Above Green Missing

Additionally to the toolbox mistakes, there is absolutely no icon displaying for any sort of Antiproton Mag Regulator MK XI or MK XII. MK X works fine. Also, I have never seen any blue or purple Antiproton Mag Regulator console at all, just white and green ones (no matter what MK tier they are).

Antiproton Energy Weapon (Any MK Tier) Rarities Missing

Tricobalt projectile weapons have been opened to all rarities after the release of Season 2, however Antiproton energy weapons have not. They can still only be claimed with very rare (purple) quality at some vendors at Battlegroup Omega and the K-7 space station. It would make more sense if Antiproton energy weapons could also be looted via enemy drops like all other energy and projectile weapons as well. Small correction: Rare (blue) Antiproton energy weapons can now be crafted at Memory Alpha.

Item (Tachyon Deflector Array MK XI) Title Wrong

The title of the item "Tachyon Deflector Array MK XI" just says "Tachyon Deflector Array" without the MK identification. That way it's unsearchable for those who don't know and are specifically looking for MK XI tachyon deflector arrays (any rarity).

Item (Plasma Weapons MK XI) Toolbox Descriptions Wrong #2

Plasma energy weapons for sure are and also other sorts could be affected. The description says "Rear Admiral, Lower Half" for MK XI gear. That means you can only search the exchange for MK XI plasma weaponry if you select "RA-LH" rank as limit, not "RA-UH" or "VA" even. That's why most of the people can't see plasma weaponry in the exchange anymore, because they didn't look what the bug actually is. Please fix this whenever you can! Thank you.

Deep Space Encounters

Some encounters give you the wrong mission goal to complete. A Terran DSE (Beta Ursae) tells you to defeat Remans while a Borg DSE (Gamma Orionis) tells you to defeat Klingons. The level doesn't fit the mission goal either when you look it up by pressing "J" in-game.

Breen Kill Accolade Bug

Breen transphasic mines in space count as Breen on ground (accolade-wise). It would be nice if there was a daily mission or one part of a daily mission with Breen on ground to actually normally get that ground kill accolade. The space mines (and that's only because they're bugged) are the only way to get ground kills. It's nearly impossible to kill 1'000 Breen if there is no repeatable or at least sharable ground mission with Breen in it!

Admiral Grigori Yanishev

He's still handing out "The Big Dig" repeatedly as a fleet action like it's the first time you're doing it. All other missions work fine. However, "Deep Space Nine Under Siege" is not enlisted at all, so isn't the Undine fleet action in the Pelia sector. This needs to be fixed, it's been like this since the very beginning of the game, at least since the fleet actions have been released.

Possible Old Bugs Still Not Fixed (Not Confirmed By Me)

Orbital Strike (Engineer Ground Ability): The exploit portion of this attack does not work because of the very long animation time. Also it's too weak, it's doing close to nothing.
Motion Accelerator III (Tactical Ground Ability): The ability is partially broken, because it does not break holds. Motion Accelerator I and II however do still break holds.
User Interface Mistake: The Chief Engineer refers to ship damage as ship injuries.


Updates Of This Thread

If I find anything new, I'll expand the thread. The last update of this thread was on Friday, December 9th 2010, 21:40 PM in the evening, German winter time.

~ Eris The Vorta
Lt. Commander
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# 2
10-30-2010, 01:11 AM
Feel free to add your own bugs as well! If I encounter one of your bugs, I will even transfer them into my list on the top of this thread!

~ Eris The Vorta
Lt. Commander
Join Date: Dec 2007
Posts: 120
# 3
10-30-2010, 04:29 AM
I spotted all of these bugs just yesterday:

Chief Medical Officer & Chief Engineering Officer still not on Earth Stardock map.
Beaming up still puts a beard on my captain.
BOs won't stay at waypoints in combat.
Earth Stardock personnel have become holograms.
BOs still don't use melee combat abilities like Leg Sweep & Nerve Pinch.
Anomalies still stuck in the ground.
Random B'Tran bosses and Klingon Sword Masters still wiping the entire team with their dual pistol blasts.
Many players still not able to choose their away team in the Choose Your Away Team window.
I haven't verified this (yet), but I suspect that most of the bugs on this list are still in game.
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# 4
10-30-2010, 04:10 PM
I'll have a closer read on your large thread tomorrow when I got more time, but it looks very thoroughly written, and even the Crypticians noticed your thread which would be an honor to mine if they noticed mine, lol. Anyway, I added another major bug to the list.
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# 5 Item: Triolic Patern Enhancer
10-31-2010, 02:00 PM
Ticket ID #995,949.

Once the Triolic Patern Enhancer has been deployed and activated, neither a single Rally Point or multiple Rally Points can be set within the Triolic Pattern Enhancer's Field.

The only way around this bug, is to set your Rally Point where you plan to use your Triolic Pattern Enhancer before you deploy and activate it.
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Ticket ID #995,968.

The FX for the rings around the planet in System D-059 M in the B'tran Cluster is broken.

See screenshot for a visual of the bug.
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# 7
11-01-2010, 02:02 PM
Thankies for your posts, Alecto. Sorry about not being able to check on the huge bug topic from Purregrine Falcon yet, and probably tomorrmeow I won't have enuff time either, butt I should be a bit of time on Weddieday meowrning.
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# 8
11-05-2010, 01:02 PM
I have updated my bug list with a new annoying bug about plasma weaponry descriptions which are infact wrong and lead to a wrong search result in the exchange when you want to buy them.
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# 9
11-14-2010, 02:38 AM
I'm a bit sad to see this topic has sunken to Page 5 in the meantime and no new ****ributions since I last posted. Anyway, I have updated my thread once again and put in new bugs, took out old ones.
Lt. Commander
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# 10
11-14-2010, 04:28 AM
In multi-captain teams, Engineering/Science Bridge Officers will only heal their own captain and crew, and will not heal other captains and their crew. The more real players you have, the worse this bug becomes.

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