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11-13-2012, 10:16 AM
In any circumstance, if we did not appoint new mods. Then let's all make it a personal vow on all our part to enforce a good respectable community. I often find myself and Yoda calming people down. No names mentioned, but someone calling another person an idiot is outright not worth it, and of course it looks bad.

Then again, the inherent moderation of a persistent person who continues to abuse the lack of moderation also needs to be met with consequences. Perhaps reporting spamx5 by 5 people will solve this issue? You know the Pandas and S.O.B. had that war already. The point is, it's stupid.

Just like this forum, there are moderators that enforce the rules before things get out of hand. And guess what, it works. That's the precedence behind what I think would be good for us in the long haul. Mods step in, and everyone shuts up.

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11-13-2012, 10:41 AM
Right now many people has already said many good points as to why moderation should be limited. There is really no need to restrict people, mute or even ban offenders, since you can always put them on ignore.

How we moderate:

Since once you mute or ban someone its permanent, a person is given 3 warnings before any ban commences. How strict this is enforced is usually by the severity of the offense commited. Since it seems im the only one in there with admin rights i usually talk with other people to see if the allegations commited are as they are, before action is taken.

But for the most parts as ive observed, people do manage to behave properly and as respecting adults. Even as Mai Kai said; Not having moderation in there is the magic and fun of the channel. Word is freely spread and people learns to understand the culture of OrgPvP.
And yes i might be acting like Palpatine with sole power of said channel, but i have no need to act like some dicatator in there, except under circumstances which warrants action to be taken.
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11-13-2012, 11:00 AM
I think the moderation in OPvP is fine as is and don't really see the need for more mods. If anything, adding a bunch of new mods just invites more opportunity for over moderation and the corresponding drama as mentioned in some of the previous posts. Ignore exists for a reason, and if someone is doing something that is truly worthy of mod action, chances are that they will be silenced from ignores before a mod is even aware of the issue. That said, I can't even recall any instances where I've felt the need to use ignore on anyone in OPvP anyway.
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11-13-2012, 11:04 AM
I didnt realize the opvp chat channel was falling apart... oh wait...

the organizedpvp chat channel has never really been moderated. if someone has a probelm with someone speaking on that channel.... thats what ignore is for.

ive never seen a troll repel people either, theres usually other people who tell anyone new to ignore whoever is trying to troll.

if it aint broke why fix it? we dont need the organizedpvp chat channel to become like cryptic.

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Originally Posted by mancom View Post
Frankly, I think the only sound advice that one can give new players at this time is to stay away from PVP in STO.
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11-13-2012, 01:23 PM
OPvP isn't perfect but it certainly doesn't need to become one of those overly moderated channels. The tools to shield ourselves from unpleasantness already exist. People need to take personal responsibility for filtering what they do and don't want to read.
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11-13-2012, 02:30 PM
Originally Posted by paxottoman View Post
Organized PvP Channel

This channel has aged so much that now not only the creator of the channel is long gone, but the last admin, Aytanhi is also gone with no desire to return is what I understand from other TSI members.

In the interest of maintaining the channel, and keeping it clean, we need new moderators since we cannot get new admins.

I am not sure if admins can appoint moderators. However, even the last moderators Sivar and Minimax are now either inactive most of the time due to other life obligations or have left to play other games.

I kindly ask to consider the following recommendations for moderator status on the following people:

Hank of Turkish RP Heroes - Inner Circle
Kedric of S.O.B.
Thales of Show Me Your Critz
Sibok of X-Treme - TSI
Hilbert of TSI
Pug of Federation Emergency Services
Anathosion of Sad Pandas
Illusion of ISC
Yoda - Turkish RP Heroes - Devils Rejects
Gallileos - 106th
Damian - Show Me Your Critz

These guys have demonstrated on most occasions an impartial attitude towards all. Although I have not discussed it with them personally, I think they would be the best candidates based on the aforementioned most important fact about being impartial. Also, their active status, and their time zones of activity also attributes my nomination. All of these guys are part of a PvP fleet, and have extensive relationships with other PvP fleets.

If we can get Aytanhi on the horn to make this possible, it would be in the best interest to sustain what's left of a PvP community.

If not, I can see the creation of a new channel in the near foreseeable future.
Translation "I want my friends or people that I think I can persuade as moderators of the channel"

Go ahead and start your new channel man. I flip the tab maybe twice a week anyway. Best of luck .

In all seriousness if you want to increase the cohesiveness of the PvP community please ask folks to stop raging in that channel, ask them to stop being devisive, and ask them to genuinely help other people.

[OrganizedPVP] Menderes@PaxOttomana: im gonna sn doff this ***** queen <<< also, stop telling tall tales on your use of special doffs. That might help increase overall knowledge.

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11-13-2012, 02:33 PM
Originally Posted by loganwilliams1 View Post
Translation "I want my friends or people that I think I can persuade as moderators of the channel"

Go ahead and start your new channel man. I flip the tab maybe twice a week anyway. Best of luck .
Lol .... that made me falafelstomp.

Yeah, that's right.
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11-13-2012, 02:36 PM
Originally Posted by loganwilliams1 View Post
Translation "I want my friends or people that I think I can persuade as moderators of the channel"

Go ahead and start your new channel man. I flip the tab maybe twice a week anyway. Best of luck .
WHA!? making your own channel!? What a concept.
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11-13-2012, 03:14 PM
hey pax,

im up for whatever the community sees fit, thanks for the nod.

have fun kill bad guys
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11-13-2012, 07:07 PM
Originally Posted by sophlogimo View Post
That list does look good, but shouldn't you have talked to them before mentioning them as candidates, Pax? ^^

^^ I nominate this guy ^^

Please be sure to talk to him first before adding him to the list though

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