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So I have 2500 zen and for the first time since launch I am buying a ship. It can be 1500, 2000, whatever. I'm aimed at coolness over function, long as its fairly competitive in pve (pvp not so important) i'm willing even to go with an Rear Admiral (Lower).

Considering: Vesta, Bellerophon, D'kyr,. Advanced Research Vessel Retrofit

Ok so the obvious choices overall are vesta or odyssey. I find Odyssey ugly, too long and thready despite cool abilities. The Vesta looks Ok but its still your stock shape and I like the more original types. If I could fly any ship at top abilities it would be the Miranda, love the look of that thing. Constellation as well. I guess I like blockier and more militaristic. I don't like having shuttles because their trajectories somehow seem unrealistic and it breaks the immersion by looking weird.

The four ships above are competitive (or am I wrong on the Bell?) and look decently cool. Adv Res Ves Retro doesnt have any great abilities aside from tachyon thing which seems better for pvp.

Anyone tried one of these and loved it? Is D'kyr workable if I dont use the support craft? Any opinions? Which Vesta do you recommend?

Sorry for the wall of text, relatively big decision for me.

Capt. DeRavi

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11-13-2012, 03:27 PM
Not impressed with the Vesta's performance in PVP at all so far. I manage to deal less than a third of the damage I can do with the Wells or Temporal Destroyer.

I thought one of the selling points was that Science captains could now do more damage as the cannons run of auxiliary power, but I'm having trouble denting shields, let alone hulls.

Very disappointing. Go with a different ship.
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11-13-2012, 03:29 PM
I'd go with the Regant personally if I were you. The Ody and new Vesta's are nice, but you're better off saving up the 5k zen and getting all 3 for the price of 2. Especially with the Vesta as the benefits of that are only worthwhile if you have at least 2 of the 3 consoles.
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I guess it would depend on what you want to do. I've got the D'kyr, and the Bellerophon, but I would only fly those if you are a Science captain. The Advanced Research Science vessel could be either an Engineer or a Science captain.

Honestly I haven't played with the Vesta myself, but the Advanced Research is a pretty universal ship. It turns like a dead horse so if you don't mind that it's not half bad. If you are looking for more maneuverability and DPS I would go with the Bellerophon or the RSV. The RSV of course not a C-store ship, but he packs a pretty good punch.

The D'Kyr is neat, and can hold it's own. The support craft isn't half bad and it turns pretty well. It's defiantly a science ship though.

Of course if you are really looking for the ultimate in cool, don't pass up the Galaxy Dreadnought, because it cuts Klingon hulls like a hot knife on butter. Not really, but it totally looks cool though.

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I'm probably not the right guy to ask since I lean towards canonical ships only. I've been flying the Excelsior for multiple seasons now. So of those choices I'd pick the Advanced Research Vessel Retrofit just for my own weird purely aesthetic reasons.

Seriously, I'm bad with that. I see someone flying an Envoy, I want to forcibly change it to a Galaxy. Send help.
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Excellisor (Advanced Heavy Cruiser Retrofit) As for a long time feds said they didn't have a cruiser with a ltcmdr tac slot and a decent turn rate despite this ship being in game. It gets at least +13 to all power levels. If you want a cruiser of course.

MVAE or Armitage if it was up to me.
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11-13-2012, 05:04 PM
I'd say Bellerophon or D'Kyr, both are solid science ships.

There's also the option of buying a Temporal Science ship off exchange. It's not blocky by any means, but it's definitely got the militaristic look, you could use your zen to buy master keys then sell them in game if you lack the EC.
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Fed-side, my favourite ship is still the Excelsior - it feels to me like the only ship I have that's 'just right'.

And I have a few - the Chimera, the Odyssey, the Defiant and the Sovereign - none of those has ever given me the fun that flying the Excelsior has and inevitably I always return to it.

Can't say why - partly the look, partly the Boff layout, partly the turn rate and the fact that she's so damn durable and with teeth to match.
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I would say the Excelsior if you're going for a cruiser. LtCom Tac is a nice feature and best turn rate of any cruiser at that level.

I mention just because it's cheaper than any max tier ship out there right now. If you want an escort, there is a Streamrunner for 'only' $9.99 at Steam till 11/15. You pay $ not Zen for this one and have to download the Steam program. It has 10 console slots and a console that buffs your team's shields for 12 secs:

Boff stations:
  • Tac: Commander & Lt.Com
  • ENG: 2x Lt.
  • Sci: Ensign
Consoles: 4 Tac, 4 Eng, 2 Sci
It turns a bit slower (60 inertia instead of 70)
If you only want to use your Zen, I'd suggest the Armitage cause you get a flight of fighters or Defiant (or Sao Paulo) for cloak (and quad cannons if you like cooler 'canon' looking cannons)

If you want a Sci ship... I'd suggest the Wells for (last I looked) 64M energy credits.
But if you don't have the EC, you could go Atrox for a big slooooow boat carrier, or the Nebula for a more agile ship. Plus, the Neb has a universal LT boff station for greater variety. The console it comes w/ is useless in PvE, and probably useless in PvP. But I don't PvP so just guessing there.

OTHER option is buying one of the Mirror Universe ships on the exchange for 100k to 200k EC. Same as the vendor versions just swapped body styles from the Prime versions. Lots cheaper than the 200k Dilthium of the Prime ships. There are cruisers and Sci ships so far of Mirror Universe.
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Wait till Black Friday, see if they do a sale (not that it would help on the Vesta).

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