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11-14-2012, 03:01 AM
Originally Posted by stoleviathan99 View Post
Anti-social is still social. Anti-social and un-social are opposites, as much as social and un-social are. Social doesn't need to be friendly is ultimately what I'm getting at.

What academic work I've read on MMOs suggests that the typical player wants other players around them but doesn't really want to coordinate or engage in combat with those other players. They want them around and they want the interaction to be indirect but pervasive.
I don't mind about the opinions of people who didn't play mmo. I'm here to play in a friendly environment to do the stuff I like they way I like, not for a second job. I understand there's a need for some frustration to keep things going but it's gone way too far.
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11-14-2012, 03:04 AM
The problema is not that you can gain more or less dilithium in the same time.
On Season 6 you have to gain Dithium, Fleet Marks and Doff.
Doff were chep and easy to get.
Fleet Marks and Dilithium came from two different types of mission. That?s ok, we could afford to play a STF and a Fleet mission.

On Season 7 you have to get: Dilithium, Fleet Marks, Doff, Omega Reputation and Romulan reputation.
Doffs are harder to get now (they ask Dilitium).
But now, you have to play: Fleet Actions for dilithium, Fleet missions for Fleet Marks, STFs (or borg missions) for Omega and the Romulans mission for Romulan rep.

All that, in a single day?.

I am sorry Cryptic, but is too much.


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11-14-2012, 03:04 AM
Meowzers, when I played a fleet action sum hours ago and scored first, I got only one purrple item, not two. So even that is wrung.
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Originally Posted by aelfwin1 View Post
No ... "master troll" he is not .
Trolling get's more sophisticated with age .
With greater age you learn how / where and when to troll .
Al's not there yet ... despite hitting middle age .
Ha! Touche....
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Its not just that they took dilithium out of STF, but they took it out and put it into some of the worst content in the game. FA are horrible. They are buggy, require no team work/cooperation to finish. STF's require coordinated effort to complete, and THEY ARE NOT BOUND BY FACTION. That's one of the things I liked most about them, I could play with friends regardless of what faction their toon was. FA are not like that. When you spend more time in Klingon Scout Force flying in circles waiting for spawns then actually pew pewing, you have a problem.
Originally Posted by tacofangs View Post
We planned on doing it next weekend, but then we saw your post and were like, "Dude, we should totally move that up a week! Tee Hee!"
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Originally Posted by sophlogimo View Post
But dude, seriously. If you buy Dilithium with Zen, Cryptic does not earn a single cent from that transaction. You just trade Zen vs Dilithium with other players. No way for Cryptic to be "greedy" in that. None at all.
Buying Zen with the money going to Cryptic is the only other way to get Zen besides selling dilithium to get Zen.

But will there any dilithium to buy with Zen?

"When measured against the max refining cap of 8000 Dilithium per day, it means that a player may need to invest about 5 days at 4 hours per session for the best MK 10 Purple item, and well over 10 days for the best Mk 12 Purple item (even more if you the item is part of the Fleet or Reputation tiers)."

According to this, it will take over a 40 hour work-week to buy ONE Mark XI item. For that kind of work, I want enough money to live on!

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11-14-2012, 03:26 AM
Originally Posted by sophlogimo View Post
But dude, seriously. If you buy Dilithium with Zen, Cryptic does not earn a single cent from that transaction. You just trade Zen vs Dilithium with other players. No way for Cryptic to be "greedy" in that. None at all.
players had to buy the zen to sell, ergo, profit on cryptics part. i have seen nothing anywhere stating that cryptic puts zen up on the exchange, which would rule out the profiting...so logic, known facts, and simple deductive reasoning all point towards cryptic profiting on all zen posted on the exchange.

this is why myself and a few others call it a money grab since selling zen nulls the 8k cap.

further, dontdrunkimshoot, (from other threads) and several others who don't have issues with S7 are because they have everything (mostly) that they want/need. from the perspective of a new player, the doff systems alone blows chunks now. and the dil costs for a new feddy starting out range into the astronomical. someone trying to stay f2p, soloing...good luck with that.

that is if they want decent doffs, gear, and a ship other than the freebies. if they want good stuff, and faster dilithium to cap they're going to have to join a fleet for fleet actions, gear, etc.

soloers are at a severe handicap now, sooo...S7, if you already have everything, it's *great* if you don't, and were never interested in joining a fleet and/or a newb...got a long climb ahead of you.

no point in giving it a chance, just thinking things through (unlike cryptic) covers it's shortcomings.

Originally Posted by diogene0 View Post
love the sig
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Refined Dilithium differs from energy credits because there is a maximum cap that can be obtained by any character per day of 8000 Refined Dilithium (9000 for 800 day subscription veterans or lifetime subscribers) . This cap serves two purposes: to keep players on equal footing in the acquisition of Refined Dilithium (vital to the player-to-player trade economy) and to prevent or catch potential exploits.
this is incorrect

the *Veteran* Assignment to get these 1000 Dilitihium Ore refined takes 2 days, so you can Refine 8500 per day, not 9000.

reading the rest of it now, not sure if i want to...
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Obviously each of us enjoys the game in certain ways. Obviously, here the way you enjoy STO is not affected by these changes. Maybe in Season 8, they will be - an aspect of the game you prefer will be removed and then you'll suddenly find yourself in the same spatial anomaly that many of us are now in with Season 7. So you may not understand why we are unsatisfied with the unnecessary changes made b/c it doesn't affect you.

However, since it does affect my gameplaying and enjoyment of STO, then I have every right to voice my concerns here (as I've been doing for weeks).

When they remove something you enjoy from the game (season 8 perhaps?), then I'll respect your right to voice your concerns about it - without trying to explain their side of things, or that we should just not do those things anymore, or say its ok that they took away the reasons you played the game, or that you can play it some other way, or whatever...

Originally Posted by sophlogimo View Post
If one doesn't find parts of the game entertaining, one shouldn't play them, regardless of if they give one Dilithium or not.

I, for example, hate ground combat on many levels. So I don't do it. I do what I enjoy, and some of those activities I do enjoy give me Dilithium on top of that.

Could everyone just lean back and think for a moment... do you play the game for the Dilithium? No, you play it for entertainment. Dilithium is just a tiny part of the game.

Besides, to me it looks as if it will actually be easier to get Dilithium by doing the standard fleet actions.
Originally Posted by sophlogimo
So have a good time...
That's exactly what we were trying to have before Season 7.
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In reply to Dan's blog:

Sorry Sir,

The starbase projects require far too much dilithium. I'll say this straight off.

You have intentionally created conflicts. Does the average player donate dilithium to their fleet, (for the starbase projects), or do they horde it for themselves, (to trade for zen, or to purchase better character gear THAT THEY HAVE ALREADY EARNED through previous dilithium donations to said starbase projects) ?

Your explanation is circular reasoning at it's finest, because all time and DILITHIUM, spent actually ALREADY EARNING the ability to obtain said rewards, require yet MORE of the same time spent currency to ACTUALLY GET THEM.
Since you are cleaning up all dilithium exploits, you might wanna clean up the double dipping as well, in all fairness.......

You know full well, that MOST will resort to the money/zen conversion process, either to avoid the excessive grind, or simply to relieve the strain of the a fore mentioned conflicts. Or even still, TO GET THE REWARDS THEY HAVE ALREADY SPENT THE TIME, DILITHUIM AND EVEN CASH TO EARN.

AND I'M MORE THAN SURE that this thought crossed a few minds over there.

SO write a wall o text blending the obvious along with huge heaps of gobbledygook if that helps you sleep.
You folks over at Cryptic might actually believe this great work of fiction you've come up with, (and who says you don't give us stories), BUT YOUR PLAYERS ARE FEELIN THE STRAIN. This is the reality of the situation and you folks might want to get acquainted with it.

If I may offer a solution with my harsh criticism, offer more dilithium straight across the board, for ALL kinds of popular game play. Including running the older missions and the old weekly missions. They don't have to be huge, but enough so that a GREAT DEAL of FUN activities that players WANT to do, will add up.
Lessen the perception of a grind through excessive repetition. Vary things.

Oh and as a damned good customer, (who just spent another fifty dollars on the game btw), I'll leave you with one more bit of advise, Your post reads like you're slightly annoyed over this.

You wanna keep that in check -
UFOS have tampered with our Nukes. (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XLMYO4jvobc)

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