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11-14-2012, 06:51 AM
So, how much of this still applies, and how much has been nerfed/removed in the last few days? And how long will it be until half of the stuff that remains gets cut too?

Remember the backlash when contraband hand-ins went up from 3 to 5 (and took double the time), for the same amount of dilithium? That will be nothing compared to the fallout from this.
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11-14-2012, 06:59 AM
I love the consistent theme of saying something like "this was wrong" instead of "we decided we didn't like this" or "this didn't let us chisel enough money off of you" in these Dev blogs lately.

Must really think the player base are all idiots if you believe nobody can see through that corporate shill BS.
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11-14-2012, 07:04 AM
Originally Posted by cdiederichs View Post
And how many hours of STF grinding was required to get a complete Mk XII space set under the old system? Oh yeah, that's right, under the old system there was no guarantee you would EVER get the Mk XII set even after thousands of hours of grinding. How is the new system worse again?
there were other ways to achieve the same thing, like after X number of runs you recieved an accolade and prototype tech salvage for the particular stf. just one example, no reason to go to the rep system from the 'players can't get the gear' point of view, no reason to increase doff costs, are the increases and nerfs in dilithium across the board...

oh wait...yes there was a reason, money.

as i said in my last post, people who already have all they need don't give a frak about this update, it's all good. you look at it from another perspective, or several other perspectives of other gamers and it's BS. it's not even a well done money grab. it's obvious, only people wearing cryptics rose colored glasses see it any differently.

let cryptic defend themselves, blow more smoke up everyones exhaust manifolds...what they did and why they did it is obvious. especially since everything they did could have been done differently...

and one final nail, most popular faction got what this update? 2 more ships. spend spend spend, cryptic loves and listens to...your money. that's what they cater to.
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Originally Posted by dma1986 View Post
So, how much of this still applies, and how much has been nerfed/removed in the last few days? And how long will it be until half of the stuff that remains gets cut too?

Remember the backlash when contraband hand-ins went up from 3 to 5 (and took double the time), for the same amount of dilithium? That will be nothing compared to the fallout from this.
Dilithiumgate should be immortalised in an STOWiki page, with that page's information and Stahl's weak attempt at an excuse of a dev blog.

Evidence of how things used to be and hard and needlessly the devs nerfed it all in a cashgrab attempt.
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11-14-2012, 07:15 AM
P-fect aka perfect world and in-crypt-ed aka cryptic You can count on me NOT to play any other games you bring out. I am a sucker I quess. I gave you more than 2000.00 plus Life time membership awhile back to support the once was awsome game. You really F.U.B.A.R.'ed this game in so many ways!!! I dont say much on here. I rather play than spend time moaning about your screw ups...But this time you have gone to far.. Im playing this game till the holidays are over with, to see if you by chance drop the game back to the old system or change things for the better..Then if not..Well I have a lvl 3 starbase and some property going up for sale! We lost about 20 players (friends) yesterday alone who said they were done with the game. And its just getting started.

PS. BTW Mr Stahl hope you bought some good beer with the extra money i gave you! You lieing SOB!

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Originally Posted by thisisoverlord View Post

Faux-Intellectualism, I knew I'd come across it eventually.

Anti-Social is any act that is damaging, i.e. takes away from Social interaction. Unsocial is merely the avoidance of social interaction. Being social is actually meant to be read as being "pro-social" and that is how everyone currently interprets the phrase "being social". Being social requires being friendly to foster and compel beneficial social interaction from others.

When you say academic work, if you don't quote or reference original sources, it's meaningless and simply comes off as someone trying to legitimize their line of argument by making others believe it is authority and substantiated by dropping a word like academic.

It's not hard to read a few articles on the matter.

Disclaimer: Historically all MMORPG studies tend to be from relatively small data sample pools.
Citation is work. I come here to play. I havge had meltdowns over this before.

I'm not talking about studies for the most part. I'm talking qualitative critical work and, yes, I put my faith in that kind of work.

Why would I lie on a message board? People don't do that with communities they care about. It's a dumb accusation that will send me off on a two hour goose chase.

It's a repeated argument in Jane McGonigal's "Reality is Broken." There are several scholarly papers -- mostly fairly qualitative criticism from academics that she cites. There's a lot of work past that but she cites some of the more cited papers.

And I think that's GENUINE intellectualism, even without large samples or mounds of quantitative work that she cites. And I think a humanities professor's qualitative insight shouldn't be seen as inferior to quantitative inquiry. When analyzing a behavioral trend, the qualitative insight is the one that counts.

And I think someone who's a Ph.D studying this stuff deserves more respect than to dismiss it as somebody's opinion. It's never JUST somebody's opinion when somebody's life and studies hinge on some form of structural literary or cultural analysis.
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11-14-2012, 07:25 AM
From blog: "50 Marks = 500 Dilithium"

Yesterday I did one Cure space (normal) with completed bonus objective (yes, I'm sure it was completed). I received 19 Omega Marks as a reward. So it means that to get 500 dilithium I will have to do that run 3 times, while before season 7 i would get 480 dili for just one run. Awesome...
Oh, and that also means that this:

"Approx. 20 Omega Mark per STF (Varies per STF)
Bonus Objective: +25% more Omega Marks"

is either a lie, or something is bugged.
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Originally Posted by pwebranflakes View Post
Executive Producer Daniel Stahl discusses and answers questions about the Season 7 Dilithium changes in this entry the Season 7 News Dev Blog series.

Link to the blog.
Despite the fact that you obviously don't care at all what we have to say or think, I'd be remiss if I didn't state that I'm just as annoyed with all of you this morning as I was last night. PWE/Cryptic really showed its true colors yesterday, and now you just look foolish and disgraceful. I hope the loss of respect was worth it.
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11-14-2012, 07:27 AM
I'd have liked to have seen a dilithium reward added to completing any of the Featured Episode series. If you want to direct people to as much varied content as possible you shouldn't have just left it at the Fleet Actions in this initial update to the new system.

In addition when are we going to see Reputation Marks added to the Romulan and Borg episodes?
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If you are unhappy with the behaviour of a company then stop giving them any money at all, this and only this will make the company rething their decisions!

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