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# 1 A look at season 7
11-13-2012, 07:26 PM
I did not want to write this post too early, so I did some stfs, and decided on what to write. This rep system would be fine for the Romulans, but it is a complete fail for the stfs. Let me put it into plain language. In the time of swgs height sandbox mmos were the way to go, then came wow from that time onward mmos survival became about how much pve dungeon/raid/stfs can you provide your player base. This rep system is the worse possible thing you can do to a games end game pve content. If you do not believe my words do research into other current modern mmos you will find their focus to be in the area I described.

Duty officer like missions, note the word like, and then having the player to turn in said rep item for a specific mission to advance yourself is a joke at best. My life is crazy insane and has been unpredictable sense my teen years. Now I have to worry about lockouts, and how long is going to take me to unlock this or that, not even getting into the costs after the grind. Instead of simply querying up for a stf, and maybe getting a few drops here and there that I can get cool stuff with. Will it take time to get everything yse it will but it will be on MY time not cryptics. More importantly I can work at and maybe get something. No stress no biggie I just do and enjoy. Now with rumors that it will possibly take someone a full year to get the entire rep done, not counting the costs of gear. I think gee another year wasted and gone. I have not seen one stf person say yes this is a great thing not one, and that alone should tell you something cryptic. If this kick in the gut was not bad enough, the removal of dilithium makes the runs even more useless. Before I could look at the stfs and say oh well if I dont get anything I can craft some more cool gear with the Dilithium latter on. Now completing the bonus and stf its like ok whats the point.

You want to keep the Romulan rep thats fine, but I would strongly consider turning the clock back on the stfs if you wish to survive. As for my part given what Ive seen I have made the decision sto will see no more of my money until this stf mess is fixed.

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