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I did find one more bright spot, for people with a lot of alts they might want to gear out. While I don't know about the higher tiers of the reputation system yet (those are probably more demanding) at least initially an Elite STF or one of the Romulan space dailies provides enough marks to run your tier one reputation projects four times (two of each), meaning that for now you only need to play two ESTFs a week for each alt you care enough about to outfit.

There's no need for or point to doing them more often, so after you've done that you can switch to the fleet actions for what's actually (for now) a better dilithium payday than ESTFs to date. I still think they need to put back in a token (non-competitive) amount of dilithium and the shared optional loot bag, but there's that at least. It's not all so bad.

Not all that good either, though.

Originally Posted by dracounquis
Brilliant... Guess I should keep my cruiser out of there then.
Or respec yourself or your bridge officers. I haven't come in under 2nd place yet, and 1st a few times, with my stock assault cruiser. Of course, my main being a tactical officer helps significantly. If you're a science guy, an escort is pretty much your only hope to take the dilithium out of Ereth's larvae's (?) mouths (?), unless the Vesta's up to filling the escort role.

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