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This is a game.

Based on Star Trek. It has the looks... nice ships, nice space, neato graphics overall. There are foundry missions that embody that feeling of trek, whether its action packed or more cerebral.

From what I can tell, a large part of what makes Star Trek something so multidimensional are the choices it portrays and what consequences (good or bad) follow.

What STO could be lacking (my guess at least), and what could make it more than an mmo with a ST name, are less linear gameplay (pew pew pew, explosion, win) where choices, or helk even your ship exploding, has more direct consequences (to one's own storyline for example). I'm not necessarily suggesting we go all EVE, but perhaps something that makes you less Q and more mortal .

I've been watching a lot of st game clips made into movies and a lot of fan made series, and they seem to embody that "Trek" feeling quite easily.

Here are some examples:

Scene Clips from a ST game combined into a 'movie'

a CG animated movie of the civilian aspect of the ST universe

SOCIAL ASPECT (more so interplay among one's own crew)
ST Hidden Frontier fan series

a thought did occur to me, what made certain ST series great was the 'focus' on the whole crew as opposed to maybe just the captain.

I'm not sure where exactly I'm going with this, but I'm just saying, that STO did have that ST feeling and made me excited everytime I logged on... atm it could really just be an mmo with Star Trek stamped onto it but not really have that trek feel.

Is it just difficult to translate trek into a game? Or is something missing... what do you guys think would be beneficial to add to STO to make it more ST and not just O.
Links to other examples are more than welcome.
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11-17-2012, 01:28 AM
its not going to happen the chinse grind like crazy and have stupid pets that have nothing do with star trek model is ineffect.

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