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To be more specific, if a BOFF has been assigned to a station on one ship, and you change to another ship and assign them to a station on that one, the station they had on the previous ship will no longer be assigned to anyone. This can be very irritating if you use the same BOFFs on many different ships (and I know most people do).

Thankfully this doesn't affect the position of BOFF abilities on the action bar, but it's still annoying to always have to redo the station assignments every time you change to another ship, especially if you're used to not having to do this. Devs, some people like to set-it and forget-it, ya know?

It would be nice if we could at least get an acknowledgement about this issue from someone in a position to do something about this.

Thanks in advance.
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11-17-2012, 02:14 PM
Same problem here, plus once I set up the Boff slots I can access abilities the ship cannot provide - 2 times gravity well II on a Galor is very cool though...

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02-20-2013, 04:01 AM
Think i found some ways to remove this bug. Some ppl say u can try and change ur ship, for me it worked, but i had a terrible secondary ship, so it wasnt worth trying that. But after i tried some more ways, and still non worked. I went to startbase 24 the instance, and in there the bug was gone. After i finished i saw the BOFFs were still there. So thats one way to remove this bug. Or some fleet mates said that u can try and go to ur bridge and add ur BOFFs from there.

Hope it will help. GL!

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