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So I think I've identified what's annoying me about Cryptic's approach to this game. They never "tweak" but instead make large, sweeping changes.

They could have tweaked STF dilithium rewards down by 20% and observed the impact on behaviour and spend etc. But they didn't. They cut dilithium by 100%.

They could have tweaked DOFF re-assignment and recruitment costs. Instead we see massive increases, not small increases.

They could have tweaked B'Tran Daily rewards downward, again to observe the effect. But they didn't.

Tweaking is essential - an MMO is a complex system, the economic interactions between players are not simple to predict. I think as a result of this rashness Cryptic have underestimated what the impact to their bottom line will be.

I subbed to the game and spent my Zen on dilithium for fleet projects. I earned a fair amount from the UGC clicky, STFs and B'Tran, but at no point was I awash with dilithium. With these changes I can't see myself buying more dilithium, but I *have* cancelled my subscription (~?10 per month gone) and I *do* see myself not participating in the dilithium aspect of this game.

I think far from making dilithium more desirable, Cryptic have instead made it worthless for a lot of people.

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