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# 1 A Positive Idea
11-14-2012, 02:21 AM
Seeing as the stf shop was shut down ( not complaining here )

can your next featured Project for the fleet Bases be a Dabo wheel?

then we no longer need to spend 18K ( unless you are fed with Diplomacy 4) to fly to DS9

as a matter of fact other than certain doff missions and a couple episodes there is no reason to GO to DS9 now...

So how about just tossing us a Bone and let us have a dabo wheel on our base...? Then we as fleets can moniter our own Zone chat while we lounge around and que out of our bases for fleet actions or PVP, whatever ...

not saying change anything back.. just let us have a dabo wheel...
Everyone makes mistakes,
it's how we correct them that shows our true character....


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