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In the last dev blog, we were told that the average lvl 50 was playing for 3.5h a day. We were also told that the average dilithium earned on a daily basis was around 3k. That's metrics, you know, the "hard facts" computer scientists or nerds like to rely on to make decisions. Indeed, hard facts do have a role to play in some decision-making, but all this isn't only about figures, it's about us - people. We're not just x dil refined per day, y hours played on z STFs or FAs, we're people too and I think that the nerds at Cryptic could think more often that their decisions have an impact on people, even if it's just on our enjoyment.

As an history teacher I can tell you that there are not many historical situations where decisions were mostly or only based on "metrics", and most of the time it lead to insane decisions. This isn't a troll, that's a "hard fact" you know. If we restrict our references to the most well-known situations, many countries have been ruled by bureaucrats and technocrats, and I'm not sure the people living in those countries were happy or enjoyed the decisions the metrics 'ordered' the leaders to take.

Metrics also often lie. They can say whatever you want if you collect them for a specific purpose, you'll always find proofs to assert whatever idea you want, even the most ridiculous one. Of course, if you build the tool, the result will meet your expectations!

You can collect all raw data you want but you can't really know how and why such a phenomena occured. To show the devs that they should watch something else than their beloved metrics, I ask my fellow players to make a list of their activities in game. Please do not use this thread to voice random concerns, and please don't exaggerate. I just want us, people, to make a list of our in-game activities to show the devs that even if we happen to be online 4h a day, we're not here to farm like mindless machines. That's not why we log-in.

I'll start this thread. During a 4h session, before season 7, my activities were:
- Doffing (including checking the academy): 1h.
- Social activities (chatting with people on various channels, answering questions about the game, discussing about builds, etc): 30 mins. Can be mixed with doffing but both will take a bit longer, so let's say all this lasts 1h15.
- Reading the forums or STOwiki to find informations and new ideas about what the devs will change on the game: 30-45mins.
- Actually playing missions: 45 mins, mostly STFs, sometimes some pvp. These were social events.
- Time wasted travelling in space: 15-30 mins.
- I can also stay online in sector space being AFK, doing RL stuff, chatting with RL friends on skype, so I might stay online longer with the game minimized. Average AFK time: 1h.

Sure, if we skip all social stuff we can farm for 4h a day without any social activity, but that's definitely not the game I want to play. Indeed most of my enjoyment doesn't come from queing missions and I'm almost sure many people are in the same situation.

Please feel free to post a list of your in game activities with the time it takes, but try to restrict it to your 4h sessions so that we can compare and meet the "metrics" requirements.
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11-14-2012, 07:13 AM
-Doff Assignments
-Defera Dailies
-explore sectors for Very Rare assignments
-cry cause i couldnt find the very rare bartender one

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11-14-2012, 07:23 AM
Well I know I fall outside this "4 hour" demographic, it's been a long time since I played 4 hours straight of STO. I'll log in a couple times a week for maybe an hour or so, mainly to help contribute to Fleet Starbase projects, and maybe log onto Tribble and check out anything new that could use testing.

So during a given play session (anywhere from 10 minutes to 1+ hour);

- Fleet Starbase Projects (contributing to them)
- Maybe an STF run here and there (though this will stop now that the new Reputation system kind of hoses the player)
- PvP occasionally (used to be my primary form of play in STO but now with time traveling science ships and huge Engie-like ships with 10 console slots its very unbalanced)

That's about it. I'm not a huge fan of alts unless there's something else in a mmo that I'd like to try beyond my main toon's choice of class, so I really don't level up or work on alts.

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11-14-2012, 07:30 AM
-Fleet Management
-Fleet Recruiting
-PVP/Ker'rat as I feel up to it.
-STF/Fleet action with a Fleet Team if asked by my fleet
-Doffing as needed
-Doff Recruiting
-Explore Strange New Worlds
-Foundry mission as I feel up to it and I find a decent one
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11-14-2012, 07:46 AM
During a 'typical' 4hr session:

-Socialising with the fleet (could include taking a new group into an STF or something),
-SFA dailies (Lore, DOff recruitment, and until S7 'Investigate Officer Reports'),
-Doffing (usually without even enough time to check for more than one or two Support missions, and to see the assignments in more than 4 or 5 sectors),
-Contributing to Starbase projects (could also include flying around looking for the best deals on commodities),
-Alt-hopping to do SFA/Klingon Academy dailies (Lore and Investigate Officer Reports),
-If I have enough time, either a few STFs or Explore Strange New Worlds/B'Tran daily.

So, now I'll be going from having around 12-15k refined dilithium per day to 3k just doing the same content.

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11-14-2012, 08:39 AM
I listen to sector space talk and record the comments for posterity.
Then I take some of those "nuggets" and put them into a word document.
By the end of my play seasion, I print it out and plaster it to the walls of my house as a reminder that the education system in some countries have failed some of them.
That is my inspiration to hopefully come of with a solution to make things better for future generations children of socialized schools.
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11-14-2012, 08:44 AM
A 4 hour session is typical? Really?

I play for maybe an hour.

Do my fleet boss stuff, doffs, and then earn some fleet marks.

4 hours?! Daily? Typical?

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11-14-2012, 08:49 AM
In a 4 hour session I could very easily walk away with 9K dilithium, and still accomplish everything I wanted to for that day. Of course I have some pretty geared captains so doing things aren't all that tough.

On average though I like to just run around the game doing various things. STF's, Fleet Actions, Explore Missions, DOFF's and crafting. I haven't done a whole lot of PvP lately, but I probably should.

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11-14-2012, 08:53 AM
In a four hour span (pre-S7):
  • I will be conversing with my fleetmates.
  • I will be aiding some of my fleetmates in running STFs to attempt to get their own elite set pieces and grind for dilithium.
  • I will be indulging in some Trekkie roleplay with at least one partner I tend to do the largest amount of my play with, in foundry missions or replays of campaign missions.
  • I will be browsing websites and conversing on Steam with others while casually poking at DOffs or just sitting in the fleet starbase's tactical floor office.
  • I may do two or three fleet event missions.

I have about 3,710 hours clocked in my Star Trek Online install on Steam (no idea how many on the non-Steam-don't-want-to-be-bothered-by-messages install). I'm at the point where I don't feel the need to be constantly doing things in the game. I have gotten all I need from STFs and ground so much of the same content for dilithium that motivation is short to fill four hours of time with constant work-work-work. In short: I'm easily bored by STO after so much investment, yet I enjoy playing the game casually now.

This laidback approach probably contributes to Cryptic's impression that I am not earning as much dilithium as they'd like, that perhaps I'm just sadly not getting enough despite trying hard constantly for 3.5 hours a day. Not really..

I'm in Star Trek Online for the Star Trek experience. Not to spend four hours a day hunting little purple gems.

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11-14-2012, 09:07 AM
For some real breakdown, I'll estimate how things went season by season. I started playing with F2P in S5, so...

Season 5 (after the rapid level up to 50 period where I played too much but it was mostly missions):
Doffing ~1 hour
STF's ~2 hours
Socializing and running missions with fleet mates ~1 hour

Season 6 - early part:
Doffing ~1 hour
Switching between different toons to get all the easy daily dilithium and doff recruitment missions ~1 hour
Grinding fleet marks ~1 hour
Sorting through all the doffs I got from my other toons to sell on the exchange or send to the proper faction fleet for starbase contributions; buying needed starbase project items from the exchange and vendors; general fleet maintenance for Fed and KDF starbase projects ~1 hours

leading to...
Season 6 - later part:
Logging in to make sure fleet projects were current and not empty ~10 minutes
Playing other games I actually enjoyed ~3 hours 50 minutes

and apparently...
Season 7 - so far
Experimenting with some of the new content and missions ~1 hour
Going back to other games I actually enjoy ~3 hours

Wow, thanks for this. Looking back, I really haven't enjoyed playing STO since Season 5, I just hadn't recognized it. Oh, and for the record like the previous poster, 1635 hours logged on Steam. Call it 10 months and I suppose the "average" of about 5.5 hours isn't too far off from the supposed metric. Considering it's been more like 5 minutes average per day since the beginning of August, that's yet another example of how metrics and statistics can be used to lie to you.

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