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I've noticed this during two separate events on the hourly calendar. While playing Azure Nebula Rescue during the 9:00 PM bonus hour (PST) on 11/14/12, I didn't appear to receive a bonus of Rep marks.

Chat Log after the event:
[9:13] [System] [NumericReceived] You received 8 Fleet Marks

[9:13] [System] [NumericReceived] You received 22 Romulan Marks

[9:13] [NPC] Subcommander Mivek: I am quite impressed with your fleet. The Tholians are abandoning their bases and taking the remaining ships with them.

We managed to rescue:

Bird-of-Prey Class: 3
Mogai Class: 2
D'deridex Class: 1
Scimitar Class: 2

Romulan Marks Awarded: 22
Fleet Marks Awarded: 6

Return to Sector Space.

(The reason for the two bonus fleet marks is from my bonus pool)

When fleet events reward bonuses, the log shows more awarded than the NPC reports, any thoughts as to why this isn't rewarding properly?

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