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12-03-2012, 07:42 AM
Originally Posted by dilbart View Post
Now comes the big question.

Are there any debuffs you can place on your allies? How do you sabotage a tacscort?
Heal him. My Tac/ Escort will usually be at low health if I have my buffs waiting as I want the biggest damage buff possible from GDF and someone throwing an ET3 at me just as I hit GDF annoys the hell out of me.

Oh how I laughed in SB24 as someone threw ET3 and HE2 at me just as I hit GDF, massively reducing the damage buff. I couldn't help but laugh even harder when the Isometric Charge bounced off me (courtesy of said heals) and one shot the healer that just ruined my attack run.
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12-03-2012, 09:14 AM
Given the many times that these perfectly valid points have been brought to cryptics attention, and their action just re-enfocred the crappy design of FA rewards, tells me that they want it to be this way.
Escorts online....i mean they actively changed something about FA's and made it even worse...... no way of getting through
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What they really need to do is remove all loot from the game, put it all on the Dilithium store.
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12-03-2012, 04:56 PM
My objection to the current system is... none, I fly as a tac in an escort. Lots of purple consoles that bring me 2-3 million ec each. Don't change a thing!

Hehe, but seriously, it is not good to give 1 class such a strong advantage, and yes, it does undermine the team play experience to base the scoring entirely on damage dealt.
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12-03-2012, 05:03 PM
What are the actual purple drops though.

Is it worth writing home about

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Originally Posted by vestereng View Post
What are the actual purple drops though.

Is it worth writing home about
There are a few items that are valuable just because of the horrendous cost of their mk xii version. If a mk xii purple phaser relay didn't cost 30-40 million ec or an ungodly grind to get, I doubt I could get 3 million and more for the mk xi.

The fact that the FAs do not drop mk xii gear limits their appeal for me somewhat, but if you have alts that you want to stock up with mk xi gear, fleet actions are a good way to do that. You can get almost everything you could want for your ship as loot, save apparently a mk xi purple field generator.
I'll sell you some weapons from New Romulus. Never fired, only dropped once.

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Originally Posted by dalnar83 View Post
Simply, because it does not promote teamplay. Why should I heal the escort over there with my cruiser? So he grabs the purples ? Why should I slot extended and protect my allies when I'm directly competing against them for reward and sloting offensive ability would be much more better for me? Isn't it better to let them die, so I can get the objectives myself ?

Why ? Because the system is fail. It promotes dps racing and not teamplay, which in turn reflects how people play in STF.

Killing a target objective should have same value as keeping alive that escort that killed it.
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