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Whilst they didn't speak on it, it is a belief (by some) that the Mayans knew of a date that would be Apocalyptic to the world. Think it's suppose to be 12/12/2012? That's that their calender stops or something.

Anyway, people (some people at least) seem to think the world is going to end. Lets be honest, that's a load of rubbish. This planet and humanity in general is likely to be around for 1000's, if not 100'000's of years to come yet.

However, I'm thinking the Mayan Civilisation knew of Star Trek Online, and they concluded (don't ask how, maybe they had the gift of foresight) that Star Trek Online would crumble on the 12th of December, 2012 following the release of Season 7. That's the Apocalyptic Event that everyone thinks is going to happen.

Plausible Theory?
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11-14-2012, 03:03 PM
Lets hope not, but maybe this was what the Mayans foresaw.

Or maybe it was a new Twilight book being released.

But i'm sure it was not the end of the world.

Or maybe they just ran out of rock, and thought that they'll finish later. But then Conquistadors happened.

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