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Unless I'm seeing things wrong there's only 2 space missions to get Romulan Marks. I took me a total of playing each one once to completely figure it out and the next time I played them blew through them way too easy. They've already become quite the snooze-fest missions due to how easy they are. I think I may have had to use 1 or 2 shield heals total, never a hull heal, and even the "hard" Level 5 freeing of the Reman ship I take down solo in 30 seconds.

Am I really going to have to grind these same mindless, over-simplistic missions over and over and over just to progress through the new personal progression chain? Please tell me there's something else on the horizon...hopefully with a bit of challenge and/or thought required. Maybe some elite versions? Maybe more than just 2 space mission?

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