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# 1 DEV Easy life
11-14-2012, 01:26 PM
Easy in new STF kill instantly on respawn point without give players the time to do anything.

Nice new Stuffs, all for earn money no one thing to create fun for players.

All same problem, all same bug, all same errors.

There are things that dont work "as intended" from game start, but instead patch those things, the dev continue to
put another new ones that dont works.

Instead create new strategy or AI that know how use the skill/powers that exist better as players try to do every day, the dev create "better" enemies give them weapons that can kill instantly or have proc that broke all yours hope to have fun or play in fair way.

before S7, i take 4 toon klingon from 20 to 50 lv, do STF, find at least 1 full set Honor Guard Space for each and I do ALL in 10 days.
Now for do same thing i need hundreds hours of play, i dont know how much days for do "TIER I-V" omega for earn same things, i dont know how much EC/dilithium: i think to remember that in blog i read that things will be easier. Probably who wrote that blog dont know the meaning of the word "easy".

Happy to havent put 1 cent on game development from start.

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