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11-15-2012, 03:24 AM
I tried some Fleet Actions this morning to try and re-motivate myself to play. After being logged out of the Action 14 times during the course of play I gave up. Whilst I'm sure today's server maintenance is designed to repair this, I'm also certain that Fleet Actions are still as dull and pointless as before...

"ooh look, that Tuatara Cruiser is dropping warp plasma, nice. Shame there's not an enemy within 9km of it really"

I agree wholly with Cryptic's idea to entice players to play alternate content. But I think it's disgraceful to destroy enjoyable end game content (guess what you *******, people played STF's for enjoyment as well as dil farming, numbers don't tell you that I suppose ) in order to enforce play in BAD content.

Yes, the Fleet Actions are BAD BAD BAD content, that's why no one played them, except for a few pointless Fleet Marks. Adding the rewards was a good idea. Taking them out of STF's was stupid beyond words, unless we all accept that they did it purely and entirely and deliberately out of greed.

Well done Cryptic, you've proven that inbreeding really does make you dumb.
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11-15-2012, 04:32 AM
I've logged in the past couple days, but all I can seem to make myself do is refine my dilithium that's stockpiled. I don't want to run STF's, since the rewards aren't worth it. I can't advance in the Omega grind without running now-pointless STF's, even though I have all the stuff I need tied up in this stupid crate that won't open until it's useless. Add to this the fact that both new ships are Fed, and that the KDF hasn't seen any new ships since the Bortasqu', and I'm simply bored...not to mention very disappointed.

I think I'm just going wait for Season 8, and see if things improve.

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