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The Ferengi want to reopen Wallstreet given Cryptic's Season 7 release.

What is the definition of fun, Cryptic? I never heard Picard say to Riker (in a country western twang style) "Well, Number One... we best be gettin' to that dilithium minin' so we can afford that new Vesta class starship". As a matter of fact, I seem to remember one of Picard's lines from First Contact which stated, "The acquisition of wealth is no longer the driving force in our lives." Ha! Not in STO!

My definition of fun and why I am interested in the Star Trek IP does not encompass the placement of every day practices into a virtual world in order to obtain wealth. I might as well just get a second job and have some tangible assets to show for it.

I have fun with PvP, and doing the PvE grind content to be able to afford the items that help me to remain competitive takes away from what I have fun doing.. PvP.

I am not going to start up a discussion with you about why there aren't enough PvP players to justify development, because every single PvP'er knows that the problem started with you and will end with you (similar to the problems with why KDF is a minority faction). What I am going to state is that forcing me to do things in this game that I do not consider fun, on an EXTREMELY repetitive and mind numbing basis doesn't even inspire me to try and get the newer gear/reputation.

PvP'ers need a different path than doing PvE content. When I log in, I do my DOFF missions (if I feel like it that day) and I got right to the PvP queue or Ker'rat. I looked at your reputation system and even started a couple projects. The whole time I was thinking "this is going to be awful" as I replicated shield generators, put my expertise and omega marks into the appropriate categories.

For some of you people out there that have a dozen toons that you log into each day and do repetitive daily tasks to earn your dilithium, omega marks, romulan marks just to contribute to your main toon's progress... that is an awful way to play the game in my opinion. I can't imagine a more gut-wrenching way to enjoy my free time than to sit there and repeat the same thing over and over again. My second job might as well be "would you like fries with that?".

In 3 years of this game, I have made 3 toons. One of them I don't even log into anymore, but keep around because he is a "day one" character. That leaves me with one KDF and one Fed.. both of which I use to PvP. I can't PvP if I am constantly grinding PvE.

Now I am sure, Cryptic, that you spent a lot of time, resources, and effort to bring us Season 7, and I am sure that many will thank you for what you have done, but PvP'ers need a different path, and the Ferengi want me to ask you if you can reopen Wallstreet.
my new saying is "cryptic made me do it" in lieu of the the "devil"
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Praise to you and your Post.
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Originally Posted by flash525 View Post
Praise to you and your Post.

Thank you.. it was from the heart.
my new saying is "cryptic made me do it" in lieu of the the "devil"
Member since January 2010. I AM NOT A PWE FAN!!!!

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